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Japan reopens its doors: Mexicans will be able to travel without a visa

Japan reopened its doors to tourism after two and a half years of harsh restrictions due to covid-19; the authorities expect the arrival of visitors attracted by a cheap yen , which will help prop up the economy.

Starting Tuesday, visa-free entry for visitors from 68 countries and territories, including Mexico, was resumed. In the early hours of Tuesday, tourists from Israel, France and the United Kingdom had arrived.

Vaccines and covid tests

As of September 7, 2022, people who have a vaccination certificate with at least three of the vaccines recognized by Japan will not require a PCR test during the 72 hours prior to the departure date of their flight to Japan. .

In case of not being vaccinated or not having a vaccination scheme recognized by Japan, it will be necessary to carry out the PCR test during the 72 hours prior to the date of departure to Japan and you must have the form of the PCR test requested by the applicant. Japanese Ministry of Health. .

Enter the country without a visa

In accordance with the , from 00:00 on October 11, 2022 (Japan time) it will not be necessary to process a visa to make a short stay (less than 90 days) for tourism, professional activities, business or family visit, for nationalities that were visa-exempt before the covid-19 pandemic.

In the case of Mexicans, the visa-free entry clause will apply again for trips of less than 90 days that do not include any remuneration.

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