NewsJoop apologizes after making misogynistic statements

Joop apologizes after making misogynistic statements

What used to be going on behind the scenes in the fashion world? Designer Wolfgang Joop also talks about dealing with models in an interview – and receives a lot of criticism. Now he’s apologized.

Berlin – fashion designer Wolfgang Joop has apologized after harsh criticism of his interview statements about earlier dealings with models.

“My statement regarding sin in the fashion world was misplaced in context,” wrote the 76-year-old in a post published on Sunday evening on Facebook and Instagram. For his choice of words in an interview with the news magazine “Der Spiegel” he wanted to apologize to all those who were upset or hurt by this. It is important to him to emphasize that he “deeply rejects any form of abuse of power and violence then as now”.

“And if a girl complained …”

In the interview, Joop said that he cried when Karl Lagerfeld died because an era had come to an end and “this world was so wonderfully frivolous and frigid. Everything was for sale. The agencies gave the keys to the rooms of the models, who did not bring that much money, to rich men. And when a girl complained, it was said: We can do without you too. “

To the reply that this was terrible, Joop replied: “Yes. But the fashion world is only really beautiful if there is also sin. ”In his apology, Joop now explained that he had pointed out with drastic words“ the corruption and frivolity of the industry in the seventies and eighties ”. Their component was “unfortunately also the disrespectful and abusive treatment of models”. dpa

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