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Jumex: The difference between juices, nectars and drinks

In 1961, Eugenio López Rodea decided to start his own company and founded Empacadora defrutas y juices (Frugo), and that same year a characteristic 150-milliliter can containing peaches was born. It started the legacy of a brand that currently manages 13 brands.

“We have a wide portfolio of juices, nectars and refreshing drinks to satisfy the tastes and needs of each of our consumers according to their lifestyle”, details the company with more than 60 years of existence.

What is the difference between juices, nectars and sports drinks?

Juices: They come directly from the fruit or vegetable and do not contain added sugar or any other type of sweeteners, but rather contain the sugar of each of the fruits or vegetables.

Nectars: They are made with fruit, water and sugars. They can be added with other safe ingredients that guarantee their quality and flavor.

Fruit Juice Drinks: A mix of flavors for every taste and occasion.

Sports Drinks: The perfect option to replace liquids lost during a workout, which are also added with fruit juice.

These are the Grupo Jumex brands:

1.- Jumex. It is a Mexican brand.

2.-Jumex Único Fresco: It has a careful selection of fruits and our high-tech processes, we offer the best quality in juices and nectars.

3.-Jumex 0%.- It is an alternative reduced in calories, without added sugar.

4.-Bida.- It has a light consistency, without preservatives and low in calories.

5.-Amí.- Orangeade with fruit juice.

6.-Pau Pau.- Drink aimed at the children of the house.

7.-Jumex Sport.- Unique in the category with fruit juice in its formula, it is an energy drink.

8.-Jumex Mía.- Jumex prepackaged natural water.

9.-Kermato.- Delicious tomato and clam cocktail with a touch of spices.

10.-Vigor.- It preserves its nutritional properties.

11.-Jumex Fresh.- It is a refreshing drink with light Jumex juice that contains Vitamin B3, B6 and B12.

12.-Jumex Adas.- Better known as Frutzzo, it is a mineralized drink with fruit slices and refreshing bubbles.

13.-Hydrólit.- It is a low-calorie drink with added electrolytes and vitamins, which helps hydration.

In addition, it has 7 associated brands:


*Nescafe Latte

*Carlos V




*V8 Splash

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