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Kurz Conservatives close an agreement with the Greens to form a government in Austria

Austria already has the new government closer. The Christian Democrats of Sebastian Kurz have reached an agreement with the Greens for the formation of a coalition government in Austria, according to sources close to the negotiations, the Kurz People's Party prevailed in the elections held in September, while the environmentalists got a good result. Both parties have been negotiating the agreement for weeks, with talks focused on budget, taxes, immigration, climate protection and political transparency. The distribution of the main portfolios was finalized in recent days, with Kurz's party at the head of the new Ministry of Labor. and Family, while the greens will assume the Justice portfolio. As for the new Ministry of Integration, it will be headed by Susanne Raab, a person close to Kurz, while the Greens will be in charge of the super-ministry that will now include the portfolios of Environment, Transport, Infrastructure, Energy and Innovation The new executive will be the first among conservatives and environmentalists at the national level. The coalition agreement must now be endorsed by the Greens in a congress, scheduled for this Saturday, although approval is given as certain. Kurz, 33, has said he wants to have the government in place this month. This would mean his return to the Foreign Ministry after the previous coalition with the far-right Freedom Party collapsed last May as a result of a scandal that affected its then leader and vice chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache.

Sebastian Kurz resigns as Chancellor of Austria after corruption allegations

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced his resignation as head of government amid the crisis caused by allegations of corruption.