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Laboratory doctor boss suggests: Omikron infected people should help with the care of Covid sufferers

In view of the omicron wave, the head of the laboratory doctors calls for a stronger distinction between corona patients and infected people: Symptom-free infected people should continue to work in quarantine.

Berlin – In connection with the currently approaching Omikron-Corona wave, there are always warnings of a collapse of the critical infrastructure. Sectors are already preparing themselves with emergency plans in order to remain functional and not have to deal with too many infected people at once during ongoing operations.

Laboratory doctor boss demands: Omikron infected people should take care of seriously ill people

The chairman of the Professional Association of German Laboratory Doctors, Dr. Andreas Bobrowski (65), calls for a more precise distinction between sick people and those infected without symptoms. In the Bild newspaper he spoke about a rethought approach to how the critical infrastructure could be protected. “A completely different way of thinking arose and you have to take it into account and consider whether it is possible that Omikron-infected people can look after Covid-infected people in an intensive care unit,” said Bobrowski.

Andreas Bobrowski ist Vorsitzender des Berufsverbandes der Deutschen Laborärzte.


Andreas Bobrowski is chairman of the professional association of German laboratory doctors.

As the head of the laboratory doctors demands, there must be a rethink in dealing with Omikron. For him, the corona virus is “behind the firewall”. He calls for new ways of thinking due to the current Corona situation. “We should look for alternative ways, which of course should be discussed with both the RKI and the health authorities.”

Corona: “before the whole system collapses”

The tactic that Dr. Andreas Bobrowski addresses, means the “work quarantine”. People who have been vaccinated but infected without symptoms continue to work together. “Because the Omikron variant is so mild and has so few symptoms, you can certainly make this consideration before the whole system collapses,” Bobrowski’s suggestion to Bild . “A symptom-free infected person can be expected to look after other infected people who may be more seriously ill.”

DKG chairman against proposal

The plea is also met with critical headwinds. The chairman of the board of the German Hospital Society (DKG), Gerald Gaß, told the RND clearly: “A nationwide deployment of infected, symptom-free employees in the critical infrastructure is too high a risk, especially in the health care system for the particularly vulnerable groups.” And further: “It would also be difficult to convey to employees that it would take a lot of effort to protect against infection while colleagues are infectious at the bedside.”

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