EconomyFinancialLAST MINUTE: A Pemex pipeline explodes in Tabasco

LAST MINUTE: A Pemex pipeline explodes in Tabasco

A pipeline of the state-owned Pemex exploded early this Friday in the municipality of Huimanguillo, Tabasco.

The explosion was caused by a leak of liquid ethane , according to information from the Tabasco Civil Protection Institute. The agency reported the death of a 55-year-old man, 110 people evicted, a minor with signs of intoxication and minimal damage to 11 nearby houses.

The state-owned Pemex has not given official information about the event. The company's communications office was contacted but did not immediately offer comment.

The event originated near the Cárdenas-Coatzacoalcos federal highway. “The surroundings of the place are cordoned off by the Secretary of National Defense and the National Guard. At this time, Pemex workers are working to control the leak and dissect the line, which are estimated to take approximately three days, "said Civil Protection of Tabasco in a brief statement.

This is the second incident at Pemex facilities that has been recorded in the municipality in the last two weeks. On September 22, another ethane leak triggered an outbreak of fire, after an "excavator accidentally hit a pipeline, causing an ethane gas leak."

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