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LAST MINUTE: AMLO appoints Raquel Buenrostro as new Secretary of Economy

24 hours after Tatiana Clouthier’s resignation was announced, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reported this Friday that Raquel Buenrostro will be the new economy secretary .

“I have made the decision to appoint Raquel Buenrostro as Secretary of the Economy, who now serves as director of the SAT, who has had a very good job because the collection has not decreased. I believe that what counts are the facts and she is a servant exemplary public. We have all the confidence,” said the politician from Tabasco at the beginning of his usual morning conference.

Raquel Buenrostro, from the SAT to the Ministry of Economy

He stressed that Buenrostro Sánchez is a teacher in Economics from the Colegio de México (Colmex) and that he has a degree in Mathematics from UNAM, however he did not mention who will be in charge of the SAT.

This same Friday afternoon, the Presidency reported that on the instructions of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, gave office to Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez as the new head of the Ministry of Economy.

The change in the head of the treasury occurs in the midst of the negotiations of the 2023 Economic Package in the Congress of the Union, where it is contemplated that 56% of the total public income will come from the collection of taxes, this without applying changes in great importance for the following year, since there will be no fiscal miscellany.

The Federation Revenue Law Initiative (ILIF) sets a goal of 4.6 billion pesos (bp) for the arrival of tax revenues and to achieve this, a review of large taxpayers and intensifying actions against smuggling are planned, Buenrostro told the middle of last month at the Expansión at the Expansión Summit 2022.

In a statement this Friday morning, the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) congratulated the new Minister of Economy and said he trusted her ability to pay for economic development.

“We reiterate our commitment to continue working together for the good of our country, to generate a good economic climate, to give continuity to the projects in progress and to continue creating jobs to strengthen the Mexican industry, in the face of the global economic and geopolitical context that we are experiencing. “, says the document.

This Thursday morning, Tatiana Clouthier announced her resignation from the Ministry of Economy by assuring that the opportunity to join the government had been exhausted.

López Obrador said Thursday that Clouthier’s resignation is due to a personal matter.

“Tatiana is a woman with principles, upright and with criteria. If there were other reasons, she would have stated it (…) She already makes the reasons known. We love her very much, we respect her very much. Our adversaries are not going to be satisfied with anything,” he added.

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