EconomyLast Minute: AMLO will meet today with businessmen to...

Last Minute: AMLO will meet today with businessmen to lower food prices

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will meet this afternoon with 20 food producers and distributors with the aim of putting a stop to price increases for at least 24 basic products, including tortillas, the president reported at a morning press conference.

“Today the director of Maseca will be present, who promises that there will be no increase in corn flour, at least until February, we are talking about the tortilla and who distributes up to 40% of the corn flour that is sold to make tortillas. Minsa is also coming, about 20 producers, distributors, the most important ones, one goal is that we achieve the commitment not to increase prices, and if prices can be lowered in 24 basic products, “said López Obrador.

He stressed that among the economic issues, the one that worries and occupies him the most is seeking measures so that the prices of basic foods do not increase.

These measures also include reducing or at least maintaining fertilizer prices, in order to increase national food production, “promote self-consumption, food self-sufficiency and two measures that I will comment on later,” said López Obrador.

The talks are part of the actions of the federal government to reinforce the Package Against Inflation and Famine (PACIC).

tortillas on the rise

So far this year, the average price of a kilo of tortilla has risen 21.38%, that is, 2.68 pesos, according to data from the National Information and Market Integration System (SNIIM) of the Ministry of Economy.

On September 2, the average price per kilo of tortilla was 21.38 pesos, with a maximum price of 26.5 pesos in Sonora. On January 3, the average price was 18.7 pesos, with a maximum of 23.07 pesos in Baja California.

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In tortilla factories, the national average price has gone from 18.70 pesos in January to 21.59 pesos in September, according to data from the Ministry of Economy.