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Last Minute: AMLO will speak with Maseca and Minsa to reduce the price of tortillas throughout the country

The price of tortillas is out of orbit in Mexico , and the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador seeks a decrease in prices , “especially when they are not justified.”

For this, it will dialogue with the owners of Maseca and Minsa, companies that sell 90% of the corn flour in the country, according to the President, López Obrador.

“There are very few producers, or those who distribute basic foods, it is not very diversified, we can talk to them, in the case of corn, there are two who have 90% of the corn flour, and the price depends on that. of the tortilla. We are going to speak with the owners to show them the behavior of the prices”, said the president in a morning conference.

He disqualified that companies have exceptional profits, when experiencing a time of crisis.

“We are going to talk to both of them, with whom we have good relations and we want to talk to them about this and other measures that we are going to take, what we want is for them to help. It is the same with distributors; three commercial chains sell 80%: Walmart, Chedraui and Soriana, we are also going to talk to all three, for the basics, and so on other products”, he commented.

The talks are part of the actions of the federal government to reinforce the Package Against Inflation and Famine (PACIC). On Monday, the President met with Antonio Del Valle, president of the Mexican Business Council, and Francisco Cervantes, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE).

Out of orbit prices

So far this year, the average price of a kilo of tortilla has risen 21.38%, that is, 2.68 pesos, according to data from the National Information and Market Integration System (SNIIM) of the Ministry of Economy.

On September 2, the average price per kilo of tortilla was 21.38 pesos, with a maximum price of 26.5 pesos in Sonora. On January 3, the average price was 18.7 pesos, with a maximum of 23.07 pesos in Baja California.

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