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LAST MINUTE: Apple presents the new versions of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro

The date that all Apple enthusiasts were waiting for has arrived. The Cupertino company finally presented the new iPhone 14 family, which includes four smartphone models, as well as new versions of AirPods Pro and Apple Watch, devices that Tim Cook emphasized because of the way they work together.

Although Apple had already opened its facilities to the press for the World Wide Web Developers Conference (WWDC), this is the first event that the company has held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, since the start of the pandemic.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, these are its characteristics

The new family of iPhones will feature the A15 Bionic chip, five GPU cores, six CPU cores, a 16-core neural engine and an image signal processor, which Apple claims is faster and more efficient than the competition. Their difference is the size of 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

The main camera is 12 MP with a larger sensor and faster aperture, as well as 49% improvements in low light. The front camera is 12MP TrueDepth and a 1.9f aperture. In this sense, the brand highlighted that for the first time it has autofocus.

Apple also introduced the Photonic Engine function, which allows you to improve photographs in low light conditions, using the neural engine, while in video the stabilization mode was integrated to make the scene more stable in situations of high movement and thus not use additional devices such as a tripod.

In terms of connectivity, the new iPhone 14 continues to focus on 5G and eSim improvements, with the possibility of having several plans and phone numbers within the same device if you have this virtual card.

Like the Apple Watch Series 8, this phone has shock detection, thanks to its new gyroscope and accelerometer, and it will be possible to make automatic calls to emergency services when it is detected.

Speaking of emergency services, the iPhone 14 will allow users to communicate with them even when offline by linking with satellite services thanks to the phone’s new antenna. It also has an algorithm that reduces the weight of the messages, so that the satellites are capable of receiving and redirecting them.

Through the “Find My” app, you can also share the location through the satellite; however, this satellite function will start in the United States and Canada in November.

Prices in the United States will be $799 for the iPhone 14 and $899 for the iPhone 14 Plus. Pre-orders will start on September 9, but the iPhone 14 will be available on September 16, while the 14 Plus will be delivered on October 7. It will be available in five colors: midnight, starlight, blue, purple and Product RED.

The redesign of the iPhone 14 Pro. The era of the “dynamic island” begins at Apple

The first impression of this new iPhone 14 Pro is the “dynamic island” or dynamic island, a space at the top that will be used for alerts or for some functions that occur in the “background”.

The new feature was added thanks to a redesign where the area for the front camera was reduced by 30%. This dynamic area will always remain visible when there are processes in progress.

The Super XDR Retina display remains at 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches for both versions of the Pro phone. It now has brightness of up to 2,000 nits for outdoor situations.

Another relevant function is the Always-On Display with essential information on the iPhone screen without having to pick it up, using the least amount of energy. Battery efficiency is all day, according to Apple.

This phone features the A16 Bionic Chip focusing on three areas: power efficiency, display and camera. It has 16 billion transistors, the most in any Apple phone.

It also has six CPU cores that make it up to 20% more efficient than the previous chip, as well as six GPU cores, 16 neural engine cores that perform 17 trillion calculations.

Its main camera is 48 MP with a quad pixel sensor, which is the largest in an iPhone, and allows grouping every four pixels to have better definition but without increasing the weight of the photos.

It uses a new sensor for Apple ProRAW at a resolution of 48MP, with a new machine learning model to reduce distortions. In its set of cameras it also has a 12MP ultra wide angle, three times better in low light conditions and a 12MP telephoto.

It will be available for $999 for the Pro version and $1,099 for the Pro Max. Both can be pre-ordered on September 9 and will be available from September 16 in Space Black, Silver, Gold and Deep Purple colors.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple continues to position the Apple Watch as the best-selling smartwatch in the world for the seventh consecutive year and with the Series 8 version they seek to maintain that place in the wearables market.

This device has new features, such as a temperature sensor focused on women’s health and their menstrual cycles, which allows knowing when they are ovulating.

This sensor allows you to measure up to .01 degree changes while sleeping. This measurement to know the ovulation cycle is normally done with a manual process with a thermometer when waking up to identify temperature changes, but the watch sends a notification when it finds these changes to be able to make decisions about it.

Apple clarified that all menstrual cycle data is encrypted and is only found on users’ devices. This is relevant in the context in which certain states in the United States prohibit abortion for women.

Another sensor is the shock sensor, capable of detecting impacts with a force of up to 256 g. Apple explained that for years they did exercises to measure the differences between the types of car impact (front, side and rear) and used artificial intelligence to determine all the possibilities and thus create it.

Two more novelties are the “Low Power Mode”, which allows the watch to have up to 36 hours of battery life, in addition to the fact that cell phone models will now also have international roaming. The Apple Watch Series 8 will be available from September 16.

New Apple Watch Ultra!

Exploration, adventure and high performance are the qualities behind this new Apple smart watch designed for athletes such as divers, mountain climbers or ultramarathoners, as it even has improvements to the speakers to have clear sound despite being in extreme outdoor conditions.

The design is designed to be more resistant, larger and safer, which is why it has functions such as the “action” button to have better control of the applications, while the digital crown and the other buttons are designed to be able to Use even with gloves.

Its battery lasts 36 hours on a single charge and 60 hours of life with the “low power mode” functionality. It has the function of “find the way”, as well as “night mode” to be able to be used in low light conditions.

Apple ensures that this smartwatch has the most accurate GPS, even taking into account that its use is estimated in places with little connectivity or even with a high population density. This GPS allows users to generate a route to retrace their steps in case of getting lost and has a special alert for these cases.

It has a WR100 certification for resistance against water and EN13319, specific for divers, with the possibility of being used up to 40 meters underwater. It also integrates functions to measure and monitor the conditions when diving through the Oceanic+ app.

Apple Watch Ultra will be available on September 23 for a price of $799.

The company also announced that the Apple Watch SE, a watch that for many is their entry-level smartwatch, will be available in three colors in recycled aluminum. Also, the devices will have sensors that detect shocks.

Second generation AirPods Pro

An essential wearable for many users that has been easily integrated with the iPhone and Apple Watch. In its second generation, the device will feature an H2 chip and spatial audio customization depending on the size of each person’s ears and head.

Audio cancellation is also improved thanks to advanced computational audio and a change in the positioning of the microphones. As in the first version, it has a transparency mode, but it integrates adaptive transparency, which allows you to reduce sounds of many decibels.

Something that has also been integrated and has been expected for a long time is that greater gestures will be integrated to modify the audio volume by simply touching them up and down, which did happen.

There is also an increase to 30 hours of continuous use, more than 6 hours from the previous version. Your case will integrate a speaker to indicate when hearing aids are being searched or to give indications about the battery. Also, they can be charged via magsafe, with the watch charger and your normal charger. Its price will be 249 dollars and will be available from September 23.

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