NewsLauterbach on the unvaccinated: "The whole country will be...

Lauterbach on the unvaccinated: "The whole country will be held hostage by these people"

The Bundestag debated for four hours on Thursday about general vaccination requirements in Germany. Lauterbach defends his plans with drastic words.

Berlin – Increasing numbers of corona cases and the new Infection Protection Act are causing plenty of discussion. There was a heated debate in the Bundestag about the general obligation to vaccinate this Thursday. The agenda included the first reading of several bills and motions. The decision as to whether vaccination will be compulsory is expected to be made in three weeks. Then the vote is scheduled.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was the last speaker in the debate. Lauterbach rejects an interim question from AfD politician Stephan Brandner with the words: “No, absolutely not.”

Lauterbach on the unvaccinated: “The whole country will be held hostage by these people”

Lauterbach is clearly positioned for a general obligation to vaccinate against the corona virus * from the age of 18. “The unvaccinated are responsible for the fact that we are not making any progress in this country,” said the SPD politician about the high number of infections in Germany.

“The whole country will be held hostage by this group of people,” says Lauterbach of the unvaccinated. Who simply wanted to assert themselves against the scientific evidence of global researchers. In principle, they are still proud that an entire country is waiting for them. “We can’t afford that,” emphasizes Lauterbach. “We must be considerate of the children, we must be considerate of the caregivers, we must be considerate of those who are struggling to survive.”

“We have to be prepared” – Lauterbach expects an autumn wave

“The probability that we will not have any difficulties in fighting the corona pandemic in autumn is almost zero percent,” said Lauterbach, with a view to further virus waves expected in autumn. “It’s almost as likely as not having an autumn at all.”

Lauterbach made it clear that questions would then be asked again in the fall: will the health system be overloaded? What can we do about this overload?

“We will have to treat these people, some of whom are to blame,” said Lauterbach. With compulsory vaccination, the pandemic in Germany could end for the first time in 2022. The minister previously admitted that “of course mistakes were also made.” Compulsory vaccination against Omikron* would come too late, but the vaccine would work. It is about preventing serious illness and death. (ml/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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