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Lauterbach sees stabilization of the situation – researcher makes demands with a view to future waves

The corona numbers in Germany are dropping again slightly, the number of deaths reported by the RKI is increasing in comparison. Karl Lauterbach sees a stabilization of the situation. The news ticker.

  • The Corona * incidence in Germany is again dropping slightly.
  • Genome researcher calls for a concrete strategy and fixed indicators for future corona waves (update from December 13, 3:44 p.m.).
  • Federal Health Minister Lauterbach sees a stabilization of the situation (update from December 13th, 12.30 p.m.).
  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from December 13th, 3:44 p.m.: The genome researcher Alexander Dilthey looks at future developments of the pandemic and calls for better organization and planning for a fifth or sixth wave. The FAZ says Dilthey: “The pandemic policy must be based on longer periods of time. Now it is decided how the next autumn and winter will go. ”Above all, he calls for a concrete strategy that describes the future of vaccination. Part of this should include fixed indicators for booster vaccinations and optimized collaboration with vaccine manufacturers.

Lauterbach on Corona in Germany: “The decline in the number of cases is real”

Update from December 13th, 12.30 p.m.: Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach sees a gradual stabilization of the situation in the corona pandemic. “The decline in the number of cases is real,” wrote Lauterbach on Monday on Twitter. “The situation is slowly stabilizing.” This trend should not be jeopardized by Christmas. “Since the number of cases is still far too high, the booster campaign must be stepped up.”

The Robert Koch Institute had previously reported another slight decrease in the seven-day incidence. Accordingly, the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days was 389.2. The day before it was 390.9, a week ago it was 441.9. However, experts assume that the Omikron variant, which is considered particularly contagious, could cause major problems in the coming year. Lauterbach considers a very high vaccination rate to be necessary because of Omikron.

Update from December 13th, 11.45 a.m.: The corona incidence also drops slightly on Monday (see original message below), but the corona numbers could actually be slightly higher than indicated. The Robert Koch Institute pointed out on Monday that due to technical problems on Saturday and Sunday no data was transmitted from Lower Saxony.

Numbers are dropping slightly: But Germany’s former Corona hotspot is back after exactly one year

Update from December 13th, 10.30 a.m.: The corona numbers in Germany are falling compared to last week (see original message below), but the virus continues to rage in many cities, counties and also federal states.

According to the RKI, Thuringia is the state with the highest corona incidence. The value on Monday was 1032.7 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and seven days. According to the RKI dashboard, six of the ten districts with the highest corona incidence nationwide were in Thuringia on Monday. A value of 1793.9 was reported for the district of Hildburghausen. Hildburghausen had already topped the list of nationwide hotspots last winter. For the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt 1720.2 – nowhere in Germany were there higher values.

In Saxony, too, the corona values remain at a very high level. Saxony, which recently had the highest incidence nationwide, it was 1024.5. Nationwide, the incidence on Monday was given as 389.2.

Corona in Germany: Federal Health Minister Lauterbach calls for booster vaccinations

Update from December 13th, 8:10 a.m.: Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has called for booster vaccinations, even if the vaccines currently available are not yet geared towards the Omikron variant. With the current vaccines, boosters would already have 75 percent protection. “That is very noteworthy,” said the SPD politician on Sunday in the ARD program “Anne Will”. Those who were vaccinated and who became infected usually did not become seriously ill. “The booster vaccination is therefore incredibly valuable,” emphasized Lauterbach. You can break the delta wave and avert an omicron wave.

Lauterbach expects anti-omicron vaccines to be available from April or May. If the delta wave is broken by then and an omicron wave can be averted with the booster, “we can get through quite well”. When asked whether a fourth vaccination might be necessary later, the minister said that there has not yet been a study with evidence of this.

Lauterbach also campaigned for an end to the compulsory corona test for boosters. He wanted to submit the proposal to the conference of health ministers. The protection for this group is many times higher. Sending such vaccinated people for testing does not make sense from a medical point of view. In addition, an end to the obligation to test could be an incentive to have the booster vaccination administered. The conference of health ministers will discuss this on Tuesday.

Update from December 13th, 6.50 a.m.: Various vaccines are available for the booster vaccination – in Germany especially those from Biontech and Moderna. But which are the most effective? Scientists wanted to answer this question.

Corona in Germany: Numbers drop again slightly – 1,500 opponents of measures demonstrate in Gotha

Original report from December 13, 2021: Berlin – Is that the long-awaited relaxation in the fourth wave of the Corona * pandemic? The nationwide seven-day incidence has again decreased slightly compared to the previous day. The Robert Koch Institute stated the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week on Monday as 389.2. Meanwhile, the number of deaths is rising again. Experts still assume that the current corona cases are clearly under-recorded.

Corona numbers drop again slightly – but the number of deaths is increasing in comparison

While the incidence on Monday was 389.2, the value on Sunday was 390.9. A week ago the nationwide incidence was 441.9 (previous month: 277.4). The health authorities in Germany reported 21,743 new corona infections to the RKI within one day. Exactly one week ago there were 27,836 infections. However, although the number of reported infections seems to be falling again, experts in the assessment of the infection rate assume that there could still be a noticeable underreporting at the moment. Health authorities and clinics can no longer keep up with reporting cases, at least in individual regions.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths has risen sharply again in a weekly comparison. Whereas exactly one week ago there were 81 deaths, the RKI now reports 116 deaths within 24 hours. The number of corona patients admitted to clinics per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days was given by the RKI on Friday as 5.71 (Thursday 5.75).

1,500 corona demonstrators in Gotha – several crimes reported

Almost 1,500 people on Sunday in Gotha, Thuringia, did not agree with the corona measures to contain the pandemic. They met for an undisclosed demonstration. Several crimes had been committed, including throwing a bottle at a police officer, the police said on Monday night. But nobody was injured.

In addition, the Narcotics and Weapons Act had been violated. Signs of unconstitutional organizations were also displayed. The demonstration participants also violated the hygiene protection measures, sometimes did not wear masks and did not keep minimum distances. Administrative offense proceedings were initiated against the alleged chairman of the meeting.

In the Gotha district, the seven-day value on Sunday was 1,379.3 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Stricter pandemic regulations came into force there on Saturday. Only those who have been tested and those who have recovered with an additional current negative test are allowed to stop in restaurants and for tourist overnight stays. This regulation also applies to public events in closed rooms, for cultural events, in cinemas and for body-friendly services such as cosmetics. The test does not apply to people who have already received a booster vaccination. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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