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Learn how to claim the second payment of Jóvenes en Acción 2021

As of this May 19, resources will be delivered to 199,516 beneficiaries throughout the country. We tell you how to access them.

Prosperidad Social announced that the second day of delivery of the Jóvenes en Acción incentives begins from May 19 until June 8.

This program supports young people living in poverty and vulnerability through conditional cash transfers so that they can continue their technical, technological and professional studies.

The entity reported that the investment for this delivery is $ 88,331 million and will reach 199,516 participants, of which 111,185 belong to Higher Education Institutions (IES) and 88,331 are SENA apprentices.

Susana Correa Borrero, director of the entity, said that “for this second cycle of delivery of incentives this year we have 10,943 new participants: 6,457 from SENA and 4,486 from IES. From 2018 to 2021, 444,686 new students have entered the program ”.

How to claim the ordinary incentive?

According to the entity, the incentives will be delivered through Davivienda , which has the DaviPlata financial product, or through money orders with the bank’s allies. Participants should wait for the text message to arrive in which they will be notified of the place and date to withdraw or claim the incentives from the program. If you have any failure or error with the Daviplata application, you should contact # 690 or the button “Do you need help?” in the app.

In addition, each beneficiary of the program can enter the Youth in Action Information Portal with their username and password to verify their settlement process.

Although the second cycle ends on June 8, the entity assured that, “if full delivery is not possible within the expected period, due to conditions or situations of social mobilization, the program will take measures so that participants have enough time to claim the resources ”.

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The transfer, which corresponds to May, will be $ 160,000 for each participant, explained Prosperidad Social.

See if you are a beneficiary of Familias en Acción

According to Prosperidad Social, until May 31, the second cycle of payments can be claimed for 676,389 households.