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Liverpool: From the first escalators in CDMX to a national emporium

There are companies whose presence in the country goes back more than 100 years, which, due to their innovative vision, have been working ever since.

This is the case of El Puerto de Liverpool, a business that began with the installation of a box dedicated to the sale of clothes in the center of Mexico City in 1847 and that later brought the first escalators to the country’s capital.

This commercial space arose from the initiative of Jean-Baptiste Ebrard, originally from the district of Barcelonnette, France. In 1872, the businessman began importing merchandise from the port of Liverpool, England, hence the name of the company.

Ebrard died in France in 1895, and left the company -which at that time already had a certain fame- to his partners, who made the decision to invest for the growth of the company, until in 1936 the Liverpool Center building was inaugurated, on November 20 avenue.

The first escalators in CDMX

It was in the November 20 store that the first escalators in Mexico City were installed.

These became an attraction for the inhabitants of the capital and were announced as the “novelty of the year” and “the delight of children and adults”.

liverpool grows

In 1962, the department opened Liverpool Insurgentes, the first branch of El Puerto de Liverpool.

Three years later, the company began trading on the Mexican Stock Exchange and in 1980 it opened the Perisur Shopping Center with its warehouse, this being the first Shopping Center of the Liverpool Group.

By 1982 he left the capital. Its headquarters in Villahermosa in Tabasco, inside the Galerías Tabasco Shopping Center, was the first store of the firm in the interior of the country.

It was in 1988 that Liverpool acquired the Fábricas de Francia department store. A decade later, it does the same with the Salinas and Rocha department stores

The record year for openings would come. In 2017, it opened 11 stores. In addition, at the beginning of the second quarter of the year, the acquisition from Walmex of the 122 stores belonging to the “Suburbia” clothing chain, as well as the intellectual property and other assets and rights related to said division, was completed.

The presence of Liverpool in Mexico

According to its official site, Liverpool operates 122 department stores throughout the country; while under the name of Suburbia there are 169 clothing stores.

The Port of Liverpool operates more than 60 brand name boutiques including GAP and Banana Republic, as well as Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn and West Elm. For the latter, they have exclusivity in Mexico.

Additionally and in conjunction with El Corte Inglés, they operate 50 Sfera Boutiques, located in the largest shopping malls in the country.

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