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"Long live the King": British Prime Minister supports Carlos III after inheriting the crown

The United Kingdom is “devastated” and in a state of “shock” by the 96-year-old at Balmoral in Scotland, British Prime Minister Liz Truss said Thursday, announcing the death of the longest-serving monarch in history.

“We are devastated at the news that we have just received, the death of Her Majesty the Queen, which has shaken this nation and the entire world,” Truss said outside 10 Downing Street, just two days after the queen commissioned him to form a government in the country. She thus became the fifteenth prime minister under the tutelage of Elizabeth II.

Truss described the monarch as “the rock on which modern England was built. This country has flourished under his reign.” The United Kingdom, he assured, is “the great nation that it is thanks to her”.

He said that Elizabeth II turned the Commonwealth into “a family of 56 countries from around the world. Queen Elizabeth II always gave us stability and strength, which we always need. It was the very spirit of the United Kingdom. A spirit that will endure.”

He praised the dignity with which the monarch always held office. “She was a woman admired and respected in the UK and around the world.” He highlighted his devotion to duty and service. “We will celebrate his extraordinary reign and service.”

The premier acknowledged that it is a day “of a great loss. The queen leaves us a great legacy.” At the same time, he announced that “today the crown will pass to the new monarch, to our new head of state, Carlos III. We mourn the loss of your mother.”

Truss called on the British people to remain “in solidarity” with the new monarch, to whom, he said, “we owe our loyalty and devotion.”

The United Kingdom, he concluded, thus begins “a new era in this country, just as His Majesty would have wanted. Long live the king”.

Charles III

The new monarch Carlos III has dedicated his life to preparing, not without controversy, to reign and now, after the death of his mother Elizabeth II, he will do so at an age when many of his compatriots have long retired.

At 73, the former Prince of Wales ascended the throne as Britain’s oldest monarch, ahead of William IV, who was 64 when he became king in 1831.

The new monarch, who already enjoyed a retirement pension of about 100 pounds – which he donated to a charity – and a free public transport pass, comes to the throne with a reputation for being more politically nosy than his mother, a defender of causes ranging from organic agriculture to neoclassical architecture, through ecology.

Born on November 14, 1948 at Buckingham Palace in London, Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge Windsor is the first of the four children of Queen Elizabeth II and Felipe, the prince consort who died in 2021 who showed so much misunderstanding towards political sympathies of his son.

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