News"Loud bang": Explosion in a coal mine - 52...

"Loud bang": Explosion in a coal mine – 52 people die

A fatal accident occurs in Russia. More than 50 people are killed in an explosion in a mine.

Kemerovo – An explosion occurred in a coal mine in Russia on Thursday (November 25th, 2021). A total of 52 people were killed, including six members of a rescue unit.

As reported by the state news agencies Tass and Ria Novosti, among others, gas accumulated early in the morning in the mine, which is located in the Kemerovo region around 2,200 miles east of Moscow. According to an investigative committee of local authorities, the ventilation shaft of the “Listvyazhnaya” mine filled with gas. “A loud bang” could be heard, reported a rescued miner to the TV station Channel One. Accordingly, there was a high concentration of methane in the mine. “Everything was filled with dust and ashes,” the miner continued.

Russia: arrests after coal mine explosion

According to the Russian news agency Interfax, rescue workers tried to rescue miners all Thursday. 239 of them were brought to safety. Gradually, however, missing people were put on the death list. Following initial criminal investigations, the director of the Listvyazhnaya mine, his deputy and the head of the mining sector, among others, were arrested. At the center of the investigation is the question of whether safety regulations have not been complied with.

Explosion im russischen Kohlebergwerk


After the explosion in the coal mine, three people responsible were arrested.

The explosion on Thursday (November 25th, 2021) brought back memories of several major mining disasters in the Kemerovo region. In 2007, more than 100 people were killed in an explosion in the Ulyanovskaya mine. In 2010 around 90 people died in the “Raskadskaya” mine after an explosion in the mine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet commented on the accident in Siberia. (do)

Several dead in a mining accident in Siberia

How it came to the explosion at a depth of 250 meters is still uncertain. Several people die in the accident. There are still dozens of people in the mine without contact.

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