NewsLove comeback between Cathy and Mats Hummels? New Year's...

Love comeback between Cathy and Mats Hummels? New Year's photo speaks volumes

Just in time for the New Year, Cathy Hummels shares a hopeful love message on social media – and makes the hearts of her fans beat faster.

Munich – The relationship between Mats and Cathy Hummels is a love story full of ups and downs. Once it was said that there was a crisis between the two of them, then suddenly they were happy again as ever on holiday pictures together. The couple who tied the knot seven years ago seem to want to leave these ups and downs behind for the New Year. Because with a New Year’s Eve photo, they share a hopeful love message and thus create great enthusiasm among their fans.

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Cathy Hummels shares New Year’s message – and speaks of “starting over”

With almost 660,000 followers, Cathy Hummels shared a cute snapshot with the whole family on Instagram on New Year’s Day. Then she shines at the side of Mats and his son Ludwig at the New Year’s Eve dinner together. The matching “Happy New Year” headdress should of course not be missing. “Happy New Year 2022”, she writes in the caption and adds a beautiful quote from the Buddha: “No matter how difficult the past was, you can always start over”. Does that mean the relationship with Mats? Most likely. As happy as they appear in the picture, they seem to have already implemented this resolution. With so much positive energy, 2022 can ultimately only be one success.

Cathy Hummels with an optimistic New Year greeting: Fans are thrilled

As expected, Cathy Hummels caused great enthusiasm among the fans with her hopeful message. “A dream couple, you two,” enthuses one Instagram user, “such a great family”, does another one. “It’s nice to see you like that,” says a happy user, “Look into the future and leave the past behind”, reads another comment. One fan puts it in a nutshell: “Love always wins.” True words.

Some loyal followers also immediately notice that an important family member is missing from the sensational photo: the bitch Mooni. “What is Mooni doing now?” Asks a fan, others join him. No need to worry – the fluffy poodle lady is sure to be fabulous. After all, a few weeks ago her mistress Cathy awarded her the title “Germany’s Next Topdog” on Instagram. The family wow can also look forward to a great New Year. (le)

Only recently, Cathy Hummels paid a visit to the ZDF hit “Bares for Rares” – and sold the dealers a real treasure.

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