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Lower Saxony chooses: Map shows results for all municipalities and districts

Lower Saxony votes at the municipal level – in municipalities, cities and districts. In addition to the bodies that have to be newly appointed everywhere, new mayors or district administrators are also being sought in some places.

Elections will be held in Lower Saxony on September 12th. But neither the federal elections nor a state elections are due on this day: The balloting takes place at the lowest democratic level, the municipal level – and thus very close to the citizens. Our interactive map for the local elections in 2021 will be filled with the results of the various votes from around 6.30 p.m.

Little by little, all results at the district level as well as the results for all municipalities in Lower Saxony are shown on our detailed map. Municipalities that hold a particularly large number of elections as part of a joint municipality sometimes show a large number of different results on the evening of the election or – if the results are not known until later – on the following days. But also in unified municipalities, eligible voters may fill out up to four ballot papers.

Our offer on election evening:

  • All results at the municipal level immediately after the count
  • Representation on an interactive map for each municipality, divided into a municipality and a district level
  • Because of the numerous data sources, some of which have to be transferred manually, we can only show individual results with a delay. Sometimes this could only be done at the beginning of the week.
  • No intermediate results are shown on the map. Only when an election in a region has been completely counted is the corresponding area marked in color.
  • Municipalities in which no direct elections take place are grayed out on the map. In member municipalities of a joint municipality, mayors are not elected directly by the citizens, but by the members of the municipal council.

In theory, it is even possible that five elections have to be counted in a municipality. At the district level, one for the district council and one for a district councilor that may be elected, and at the community level for the respective local council, a possible joint council and an upcoming mayor election.

Experience has shown that the results for direct elections, especially those for the offices of mayors, will arrive first during the election evening. In the further course, the interactive map fills up continuously and colors the area of Lower Saxony in the colors of the strongest parties in the committee elections. Parties and groups that do not compete uniformly throughout Lower Saxony are shown in gray on our map. This mainly affects local voter communities.

Local election Lower Saxony: Interactive result map

The special feature of our offer is the comprehensive representation of all elections in the Lower Saxony municipalities, namely in all 943 municipalities, of which 653 are member municipalities in 116 integrated municipalities and 290 unified municipalities or urban districts. We also cover all 36 districts and the Hanover region as a municipal body as comprehensively as possible on election evening or deliver results reported later.

On the evening of the election, the interactive map switches to live mode. From this moment on, it is possible to switch between district and community level as well as switch between committee and direct election. In addition to the direct use of the map, individual municipalities can be found in a search function.

Results of the Lower Saxony local elections are always official

We obtain all result data from official bodies – i.e. the election officers at the respective municipal level. We are integrating these into a standardized database, which in turn can be accessed using the map. However, since not all municipalities in Lower Saxony provide complete results in a timely manner, we also research the results manually. The aim is to show as many results as possible on the evening of the election. You can find more information about our data sources in the info box at the end of this article.

The interactive election data team 2021: Luisa Billmayer, Nicolas Bruckmann, Elvir Büyükbayrak, Monika Gemmer, Florian Gutwald, Selin Hubert, Marvin Köhnken, Maximilian Litzka, Michael Peter and Philipp David Pries.

Transparency: Our data, sources and methods

All election results and data on the interactive map come from official sources. We integrate all data technically, standardize it and prepare it in the most accessible form possible. Depending on the municipality, we use a range of different data accesses for this. This includes the results websites of individual municipalities and results that can be called up using voting software. In some cases, we also research the results by telephone – for example, if a municipality does not offer digital data delivery. However, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that all election results from September 12 will be shown in full.

Corona: Live data and numbers from all German districts

What is the corona situation like in your district? Click through our interactive map and use the search function of our corona table.

Lower Saxony chooses: Map shows the results of the municipalities and districts

Lower Saxony votes at the municipal level - in municipalities, cities and districts. In addition to the bodies that have to be newly appointed everywhere, new mayors or district administrators are also being sought in some places.