NewsLuisa Neubauer against Maaßen: Anti-Semitism officer demands evidence

Luisa Neubauer against Maaßen: Anti-Semitism officer demands evidence

Luisa Neubauer’s sharp criticism of Armin Laschet and Hans-Georg Maaßen is still causing discussions. Now the anti-Semitism officer has expressed himself.

Berlin – The appearance of Luisa Neubauer from “Fridays for Future” at Anne Will caused a lot of discussion. Climate activist Neubauer had made CDU boss Armin Laschet serious allegations on the ARD broadcast. She confronted the Union’s candidate for chancellor with the fact that he had not spoken out against the nomination of the controversial former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, after he had been nominated as a direct candidate for the Bundestag in southern Thuringia.

“In this way you legitimize racist and anti-Semitic content, embodied in moderation,” explained Neubauer in the talk group. Armin Laschet countered that he did not know anything about concrete anti-Semitic content. “If that is him, I will act, I do not know the lyrics,” he emphasized CDU boss at Anne Will. Now the Federal Government’s Anti-Semitism Commissioner has also spoken out.

Anti-Semitism and racism allegations at Anne Will: Anti-Semitism officer on statement

The government commissioner Felix Klein emphasized to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: “The accusation of anti-Semitism is a sharp sword and requires clear and unambiguous evidence. Anyone who makes this accusation should be aware of their responsibility for German history. ”He also added:“ To be clear and precise here is an obligation that we as citizens of this country should unequivocally fulfill. ”

Luisa Neubauer had not yet spoken up after her allegations in the ARD format Anne Will. On the other hand, Maaßen commented on the allegations of Luisa Neubauer on Monday (May 10th, 2021). “For me, these are unfounded and paperless claims that I vigorously reject,” he said to the dpa and explained that Neubauer had no evidence for their claims.

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In addition, a video on the Internet provided further discussion. In it Maaßen expresses himself on climate change. In the conversation entitled “Maassen’s weekly review”, he says that Germany is not only involved in climate change, “but the whole world”. Maaßen emphasized in the video, which was published on Saturday, that Germany could not save the whole world. Maassen also shot against the Greens. “There are green politicians who have been agitating against Germany for years. For me it is a form of racism against their own nation that the Greens practice here ”. (Sophia Lother)

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