FunAstrology"Maischberger" (ARD): Dietmar Bartsch exposes phrases by Katrin Göring-Eckardt

"Maischberger" (ARD): Dietmar Bartsch exposes phrases by Katrin Göring-Eckardt

Child abuse in the Catholic Church, danger of war in Ukraine and still Corona. In the Maischberger talk, the mood is still relaxed – a form of gallows humor?

Cologne – Sandra Maischberger began her program on ARD with the question of who the biggest loser of the week was: Caren Miosga, moderator of the daily topics, did not hesitate for a moment and named the Catholic Church, which was once again shaken by an abuse scandal. What particularly annoyed Misoga: “The church reveals a staggering disinterest in the victims.”

While Miosga could hardly contain her outrage, world journalist Robin Alexander tried to emphasize that it was the church itself that started the current enlightenment. However, Alexander deliberately left it open to what extent this happened on his own initiative or under pressure from the media.

The winner of the week – the group agreed – was Friedrich Merz, who finally managed to become CDU leader at the third attempt – and almost with a socialist result, as Sandra Maischberger noted on ARD. However, how much the victory will really be worth could soon become apparent, namely if Merz should also reach for the group chairmanship.

“Maischberger. The week”: The guests in the ARD talk from January 26th, 2022

Katrin Goering-Eckardt B’90/Greens (Vice President of the Bundestag)
Dietmar Bartsch Die Linke (Chairman of the parliamentary group in the German Bundestag)
Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann FDP (chair of the defense committee)
Caren Miosga ARD
Melanie Amann Member of the editor-in-chief of Der Spiegel
Robin Alexander The world
Hubert Seipel author

“Maischberger” (ARD): Bartsch steps in for Wagenknecht

The debate in the Bundestag about the long-planned compulsory vaccination began on Wednesday, which some suddenly seem tolerable in view of the apparently less dangerous omicron variant. Robin Alexander also pointed out how erratic the debate in the highest house of the people was, how little concrete it was, how negligent the idea seemed to decide on a vaccination requirement in case it gets really bad again.

How did two parliamentarians see it: Katrin Göring-Eckardt, Bundestag Vice-President of the Greens, was a guest with Sandra Maischberger on ARD, as well as Dietmar Bartsch from the left, who stood in for his party colleague (or party friend …) Sahra Wagenknecht at short notice, because she confessed to not being vaccinated had tested positive in the morning. But no comment on that…

Göring-Eckardt vehemently advocated compulsory vaccination, which was an “act of solidarity” and would end the pandemic. In view of the constant flow of new variants, the regulations that are now changing almost every day, the validity period of this booster or that vaccine, this is a somewhat steep claim, as Bartsch also noted, who was skeptical. Not against the vaccination itself, but against the promise that three vaccinations will remain. Apart from that, “the vaccination would lead to a radicalization and division of society,” said Bartsch to Sandra Maischberger on ARD and successfully managed to expose the same phrases by Göring-Eckardt.

Sandra Maischberger mit Caren Miosga, Robin Alexander und Melanie Ammann (von rechts).


Sandra Maischberger with Caren Miosga, Robin Alexander and Melanie Ammann (from right).

“Maischberger” talk on ARD: Ukraine spreads more terror than Corona

Despite everything, the corona pandemic seems to be slowly losing its terror, in contrast to the situation on the Ukrainian border. “The danger of war is real,” said Caren Miosga, citing an interesting survey from Russia: Concerns about war are also increasing there, although the West is blamed almost exclusively for the escalation of the situation there. The joke of the day was the announcement that Germany is providing Ukraine with 5,000 helmets. Robin Alexander lamented what such a decision means for Germany’s reputation in the world, while Melanie Amann, a member of the editor-in-chief of Spiegel, tried to take a more differentiated position with Sandra Maischberger on ARD. The fact that Scholz spoke out against the delivery of weapons is a logical continuation of Merkel’s position. But Angela Merkel offered alternatives and tried to talk to Vladimir Putin, while Olaf Scholz acted almost invisibly.

A few days ago, the now former Navy General Kay-Achim Schönbach acted anything but invisible when he demanded respect for Putin. Marie-Agnes Stack-Zimmermann, FDP defense politician, took a very different view and took a tough stance. “It’s an aggressive way,” she said to Sandra Maischberger on ARD, when she performed how Putin had Ukraine surrounded with troops. With his aggressive foreign policy, Putin is trying to distract from domestic problems.

maischberger. the week

Broadcast on Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 in the ARD media library

Ukraine conflict determines “Maischberger” talk on ARD

The author Hubert Seipel, who will publish the book “Putins Macht. Why Europe needs Russia” published, however, called the troop deployment a staging and said very clearly: “Putin will not start a war.” Seipel described the current situation as poker, which is complicated by various factions in the Kremlin. According to Seipel, one that is growing is increasingly calling into question the rapprochement with Europe, which is understandable in view of the significantly higher arms spending in the West.

Cold warrior Stack-Zimmermann could only laugh at these statements, she never tired of talking about massive attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, cyber attacks and fake news. No matter what happens in Ukraine, the people of the country will lose. (Michael Meyns)

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