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"Maischberger. Die Woche "(ARD):" It is the unvaccinated who drive the infections "

Sandra Maischberger (ARD) is once again about Corona: Infection numbers at a record level and concern about Omikron. Does a lockdown only help?

Berlin – The current plateau of the pandemic numbers may make us optimistic, but the tone in dealing with the fourth corona wave is getting sharper. Above all, the group of the non-vaccinated is coming under pressure, even the compulsory vaccination, which has long been categorically excluded by politics, is suddenly a matter of course. With Sandra Maischberger in the first, too, the guests voted with varying degrees of severity to strictly regulate the participation of the “unvaccinated” in daily life. But also vaccinated people have to accept restrictions. This was already shown by the fact that the Maischberger broadcast took place without a studio audience.

At the desk, the ARD presenter Anna Planken, the SZ science journalist Christina Berndt and the publicist Wolfram Weimer gave cautious testimony to the corona policy. Berndt finds current political action “unbearably tough”, but sees the responsibility elsewhere: “It is the unvaccinated who drive the infections.” A point of view that Anna Planken shares. For them, non-vaccinated people are a “very noisy minority”, for whom it “must first be clearly uncomfortable”. In addition, “stricter rules” such as 2G measures would have to be in place. The fact that experts like Christian Drosten or Alexander Kekulé doubt the narrative of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and the safety of 2G events does not matter today.

Moderatorin Sandra Maischberger.


Moderator Sandra Maischberger.

Weimer on the Corona vaccination obligation at Maischberger (ARD): “There are important constitutional reasons against it.”

Wolfram Weimer criticized in the ARD talk at Maischberger the renewed failure of the politicians not to have prepared the country for the autumn wave. He calls the appointment of the Bundeswehr General Carsten Breuer as a crisis manager a “political oath of disclosure”. The announced general corona vaccination requirement, which until recently was considered a conspiracy theory, could also be described as such. Christina Berndt was “actually against”, but is not averse and repeats the well-known credo: “It is essential to vaccinate now.” Meanwhile, the critical Weimer criticizes the policy breakdown and objects: “There are important constitutional reasons against it.” Weimer considers a possible vaccination obligation for the elderly, who bear the higher burden of disease.

Hendrik Wüst railed against non-vaccinated people: “We have the problem because of the non-vaccinated people.”

The new NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) answers Sandra Maischberger’s questions in a one-on-one interview. Armin Laschet’s successor in office makes a rather brittle appearance, but shows an edge against people who have not yet taken advantage of the corona vaccination offer. “We are dealing with a pandemic of the non-vaccinated”, warns the Prime Minister – and calls for more restrictions in the form of 2G regulations and a discussion about a general vaccination requirement. Wüst adds: “We have the problem because of the unvaccinated people.” Now one shouldn’t shift the responsibility onto those “who have already done everything we wanted anyway,” said Wüst. “Nobody wants a lockdown for everyone.”

“Maischberger. Die Woche “(ARD) – broadcast from 01.12.2021 The guests
Hendrik Wüst Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia (CDU)
Joachim Gauck Former Federal President
Christina Berndt Science journalist for the SZ
Anna Planken ARD presenter
Wolfram Weimer publicist

When assessing the pandemic situation, Hendrik Wüst is alarmed. “Something like that shouldn’t happen again,” he comments on a clip recorded by Sandra Maischberger (ARD) for the recently criticized Bundesliga game in the Cologne stadium – with full ranks and ignored mask requirement. “From today’s perspective, it was wrong to allow it that way,” admits the CDU man. And the pictures from the Cologne Carnival? “That was also irritating.” Wüst tries not to be associated with the corona policy of his party colleague Armin Laschet, which is branded as too timid. “We are careful,” confesses Wüst. “In the end we still have to be proportionate.”

Joachim Gauck in the first: “Do not demonize anyone who expresses themselves critically”

Joachim Gauck appeared as the headliner of the ARD talk with Sandra Maischberger. During his career, the Federal President, who was not on duty, repeatedly stepped into the breach for his life issues of freedom and tolerance. In his statesmanlike appearance, the 81-year-old weighs the individual freedom not to be vaccinated against the responsibility for the common good. On the one hand, Gauck understands the anger and anger “at people who think that one does not have to be vaccinated”. He attests that those who have not been vaccinated have an “understanding of freedom that endangers others”. Gauck’s conclusion: “You can only be proud of your individual freedom if you don’t restrict that of others.”

After the announcement in the direction of the non-vaccinated, Joachim Gauck wants a “sensible debate” on the subject, “not just a moral condemnation.” One should “not demonize anyone who expresses himself critically.” Despite the controversy, the former Federal President warns before hasty conclusions: “We have to be careful not to speak of a divided society.” Sandra Maischberger’s final question, whether he was personally afraid of the corona virus, Gauck answered with a simple “No” – after all, he had been vaccinated three times. (Christian Horn)

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