FunAstrology"Maischberger. The week “(ARD): Markus Söder writhes

"Maischberger. The week “(ARD): Markus Söder writhes

Will the vaccination be compulsory after all? At “Maischberger. Die Woche “(ARD) is particularly focused on the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder.

Berlin – “What still has to happen?”, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier appeals to all those unwilling to be vaccinated. With this clip, Sandra Maischberger (ARD) starts the discussion with guests Dagmar Rosenfeld, Julie Kurz and Micky Beisenherz. Does a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” help or is it more of a compulsory vaccination? Meanwhile, the viewer wonders how the presenter of this debate wants to link up with the announced star guest Roland Kaiser.

Maischberger. Die Woche (ARD): Is Markus Söder the loser of the week?

When asked about the winners and losers of the week, moderator Micky Beisenherz has a very clear answer: Markus Söder (CSU). Before it is switched on, Sandra Maischberger shows the pictures of celebrating Cologne carnival girls on November 11th. “I don’t feel like having Rhenish cheerfulness at all,” commented “Welt” editor-in-chief Dagmar Rosenfeld, referring to a clear political failure in view of the pandemic plan for autumn, which the RKI had already presented on July 22nd. ARD journalist Julie Kurz speaks of a “diffusion of responsibility” and a “power vacuum” in view of the imminent change of government.

Sandra Maischberger (ARD), on the other hand, refers to the ruling prime ministers. She now spends a lot of time and energy eliciting a spark of self-criticism from Markus Söder, especially in view of the current figures from his state: five out of nine constituencies with an incidence of over 1000 are in Bavaria. So did Söder make mistakes? For example, with the claim that virologists and epidemiologists also underestimated the corona situation? Especially since this claim cannot be kept in view of the early warnings of many experts from Christian Drosten to Karl Lauterbach. Or with the club opening in Bavaria at the beginning of October? Or at least with his unhelpful taunts towards CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet during the election campaign?

Markus Söder at Maischberger (ARD) “The emperor remains the emperor”

But skilfully, as always, Bavaria’s Prime Minister wriggles his way out of all attacks, generously admitting mistakes without actually naming them: “We didn’t do everything right, but we didn’t do everything wrong either”. Sandra Maischberger (ARD) doesn’t have much choice but to compare it with Franz Beckenbauer, who was able to rhetorically transform every defeat into a victory. Söder smugly rejects the comparison: “The emperor remains the emperor, and I am only Markus”. And Markus now primarily wants to look “forward”. At least he is right about that, because the debates about lost elections and missed vaccination strategies really do not help anyone. But where should you look? A compulsory vaccination? Of course, Söder cleverly leaves it open whether his party should vote for it if the traffic light wanted to make vaccination compulsory in whatever form.

“Maischberger. Die Woche “(ARD): Does vaccination divide society?

Micky Beisenherz, in any case, sees compulsory vaccination as an “opportunity to get around ten percent of the unvaccinated out of their screw”, namely those who would be put under pressure by their vaccine-skeptical environment. Dagmar Rosenfeld, on the other hand, thinks it is wrong and too easy to take unvaccinated people “as scapegoats for everything”, especially since the politicians have clearly missed a lot. Julie Kurz, on the other hand, thinks it was a mistake to categorically exclude the compulsory vaccination from the start. And everyone agrees: That unvaccinated people should voluntarily forego hospital treatment, as provocateur Boris Palmer demanded, “that is not possible”. As a group, unvaccinated people really got on his mind, says Micky Beisenherz. “But it would never occur to me to break off contact with unvaccinated people.”

Roland Kaiser advertises with “Maischberger. Die Woche “(ARD) for the SPD and for vaccinations

Sandra Maischberger now needs a suitable transition to her last guest, and even finds several. For example, the upcoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whom Micky Beisenherz certified as “disenchanted” in view of his first major speech after the election, but from whom Dagmar Rosenfeld still prophesied: “We have Olaf Scholz as Chancellor on Nikolaus.”

Maischbeger. The week (ARD) of November 17, 2021 The guests
Markus Söder Bavarian Prime Minister (CSU)
Roland Kaiser singer
Micky Beisenherz Moderator
Dagmar Rosenfeld Journalist
Julie Kurz Journalist

Roland Kaiser had received his SPD party book from Olaf Scholz during Scholz’s time as SPD general secretary (2002-2004). Other SPD politicians such as Gerhard Schröder or Sigmar Gabriel also liked to seek proximity to Roland Kaiser as one of the few pop singers who clearly position themselves politically. His political home, the SPD, as Sandra Maischberger reveals in an interview with Kaiser’s life story, is based on the close relationship with his foster mother, who is also a staunch SPD voter who took in the abandoned baby in the early 1950s.

To the broadcast

“Maischberger. The week “(ARD). The broadcast from November 17, 2021 in the ARD media library.

Together they experienced post-war poverty in Berlin Wedding, the construction of the Berlin Wall, and John F. Kennedy’s visit to Berlin. A life in which solidarity plays a central role as a value. Especially since Roland Kaiser was only able to get well again a good ten years ago after a serious lung disease and could only sing because he got a donor lung. For someone who has had such a story behind them, one actually takes the sentence that is so often used as an argument in favor of vaccination: “I have to show solidarity with other people.”

There is also room for a little joke at the end. Sandra Maischberger wants to know which song Roland Kaiser would sing at the inauguration of Olaf Scholz. And the singer smiles, should he be invited, he might ask himself afterwards: “Why didn’t you say” no “?” (Teresa Schomburg)

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