NewsMassive corona easing in Bavaria: Söder declares "entry into...

Massive corona easing in Bavaria: Söder declares "entry into exit" – new rules are coming

The corona numbers are increasing, but there should still be relaxation in Bavaria. Details – including the curfew – were given by Söder at a press conference. The news ticker.

  • The Corona* numbers in Bavaria are increasing, but there should be far-reaching relaxation of the measures (see update from February 7th, 11:31 a.m.).
  • Markus Söder* presented the further Corona path in Bavaria at a press conference (see update from February 7th, 1:15 p.m.).
  • This ticker is updated regularly.

Update from February 7, 7:55 p.m .: While large parts of the Bavarian population breathe a sigh of relief in view of the massive easing and changes in the fight against the corona pandemic, which Prime Minister Markus Söder announced at a press conference at noon, there are also controversial discussions. A particular focus is the announcement by the state government that it will initially suspend the mandatory facility-related vaccinations that will be introduced nationwide on March 15.

Söder said he himself was in favor of compulsory vaccination. In view of the large vaccination gaps, however, it can be assumed that the health system will be overloaded if all unvaccinated nursing staff are absent for the time being. He is therefore planning with a “generous transitional rule.”

Corona rules in Bavaria: No vaccination requirement in care – Söder’s decision causes a sensation

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) immediately criticized this announcement in the strongest terms. According to Lauterbach, this not only endangers the lives of old or immunocompromised people, but also the credibility of politics. “The Bavarian state government should also take the law that has been passed seriously,” warned the SPD minister on Monday.

The President of the Bavarian District Council, Christian Bernreiter (CSU), welcomed the announcement with relief. The facility-related vaccination requirement was decided on the premise that a general vaccination requirement would follow in the near future, said Bernreiter. That is not the case now. In addition, there were numerous questions and unresolved details during implementation. “As always, Berlin is very far away. We are left alone with the implementation,” said Bernreiter of the German press agency dpa.

The incidence figures in Bavaria are still extremely high, but the burden on hospitals has decreased and appears to be stable. Currently, the rolling omicron wave is the main area affected. In the age group of six to eleven year olds, the incidence is currently almost 5000. Vaccination for children in this age group has only been officially recommended since December 14th.

Corona loosening in Bavaria: Overview of Söder’s new rules

Update from February 7, 1:15 p.m .: After the CSU board meeting, Markus Söder went to the press – and confirmed what had already been leaked: Bavaria is facing major rule relief. Because: The incidence is high, but “no longer the indicator.” What is more important is hospitalization. And the health system is currently not threatened with overload. “Entering the exit” therefore makes sense, according to the CSU boss. He therefore wanted to promote a “gentle and controlled opening”. An overview.

  • The curfew will no longer apply, 2G will continue to apply in the catering trade
  • Body-related services (e.g. hairdressers): 3G applies
  • Sports: The occupancy is increased to 50 percent, limited to 15,000 (also standing room); 2G Plus with mask applies
  • Culture: Utilization is increased to 75 percent; 2G Plus with a mask also applies here

Söder presents Bavaria’s new corona rules – criticism of traffic lights

The new rules are to be discussed in the cabinet on Tuesday. The institution-related vaccination requirement (applies from mid-March) was also discussed today. One hears the concern that this is exactly what will lead to an overload of the health system. “I am in favor of compulsory vaccination,” Söder clarifies, but this singular duty is not a solution in the Omicron crisis. He indicated that Bayern would be lenient during the transition phase.

At the press conference, Söder could not resist digging at the traffic lights. In the federal government, the motto “wait, wait, wait,” currently prevails, he criticized.

Markus Söder, CSU-Vorsitzender und Ministerpräsident von Bayern, gibt in der Parteizentrale nach einer Sitzung des CSU-Vorstands eine Pressekonferenz und nimmt seine Mund-Nasen-Maske ab.


Markus Söder, CSU chairman and Prime Minister of Bavaria, gives a press conference at the party headquarters after a meeting of the CSU board and takes off his mouth and nose mask.

Corona rules in Bavaria: The Söder press conference to read

Update from 12:57 p.m .: Why are there new corona rules in Bavaria? After all, the next MPK is imminent – so why press forward, a journalist asked. “I think we’re more likely to make things easier during this phase,” said Söder, with a view to the next federal-state summit. Some may be trapped in their coalitions. In addition, the attitude “wait, wait, wait,” prevails in the federal government, according to Söder’s dig at Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the traffic light government.

The MPK itself “is effective, no question.” But in some places one is perhaps too caught up in old thought patterns. We want to encourage and represent. “We have maximum numbers”, but low hospitalization, one can show how one can act now, he says about the Free State.

The facility-related vaccination requirement is to be implemented from mid-March. But you can hear the concern that this is exactly what will lead to an overload of the health system. “I am in favor of compulsory vaccination,” Söder clarifies, but this singular duty is not a solution to the Omicron crisis. He indicates that Bayern will be lenient during the transition phase.

Update from 12.38 p.m .: The curfew will be eliminated, so Söder on the way in Bavaria. 2G continues to apply in the catering trade. In the future, 3G with a mask requirement will apply to services close to the body. The following is planned for viewers in sports and culture: 2G plus with a mask. Spectator numbers in culture will be increased to 75 percent, in sports to 50 (including standing room) – but limited to 15,000.

He says about the school: “That gets the most attention.” What is being done there is great. The accusation that the school is ignored is wrong, according to the CSU boss. However, face-to-face teaching is important, of course “not at any price.” However, having face-to-face teaching is wrong, educational qualifications would be watered down. In addition, they will continue to test with PCR. “School is by far the most difficult task,” Söder supports the Ministers of Education.

Corona loosening in Bavaria: Söder statement begins with criticism of the federal government

Update from 12.30 p.m .: The statement begins at 12.30 p.m. Söder first addresses the Ukraine crisis and energy prices. The electricity prices would have to go down, the commuter flat rate up, according to the CSU boss.

Another topic on which the government, according to Söder, “seems to be overwhelmed” is the Corona crisis. There is no clear line. “How dangerous is Corona, how dangerous is Omicron?” he asks himself. The incidence in Bavaria is high “because we are still testing a lot”. Less testing is done in other federal states. But the incidence is “no longer the indicator.” 1st place for incidence, 11th place for hospitalization, according to Söder.

The fact is: the health system is currently not threatened with overload. “Entering the exit” therefore makes sense, according to the CSU boss. Söder wants to promote a “gentle and controlled opening”. Söder demands that the recovered status be reset to six months.

Update from February 7th, 12:23 p.m.: A press conference with CSU boss Markus Söder and Secretary General Markus Blume was announced for 12:30 p.m. This apparently seems to be postponed by half an hour. According to the CSU’s YouTube live stream, it is now scheduled for 1 p.m. You can then follow the statements of the two politicians live here.

Söder is probably tipping the curfew in Bavaria – an overview of possible rule relaxations

Update from February 7, 11:31 a.m .: Extensive easing of the corona measures are planned in Bavaria (see previous update). An overview.

  • The curfew should be lifted
  • Sporting events: spectator occupancy of up to 50 percent (ceiling 15,000); 2G Plus rule + FFP2 mask
  • Cultural events: occupancy up to 75 percent; 2G pus rule + FFP2 mask
  • Body-related services (e.g. hairdressers and nail salons): The 3G rule should apply here

Markus Söder will speak after the meeting of the CSU board together with Secretary General Markus Blume. The press conference begins at 12:30 p.m. Söder wrote on Twitter in the morning for an interview in the ZDF morning magazine: “We need a balance of caution and hope with Corona. The health system is currently not threatened by Omikron. That’s why we have to start phasing out the restrictions.”

Corona bang! Söder is planning massive easing – the curfew should probably be overturned

Update from February 7, 10:28 a.m .: The CSU board is currently meeting via video link. According to information from the Munich Merkur , a major relaxation of the corona measures is planned in Bavaria. Accordingly, Söder wants to open the culture up to 75 percent (previously 50) and overturn the curfew for the catering trade. In addition, up to 15,000 people with masks and 2Gplus should be allowed to go into the stadium, and standing room should also be allowed again. Those who have not been vaccinated are therefore allowed to go to the hairdresser again with a corona test. The obligation to wear a mask remains in retail, of course also on buses and trains. The whole thing should be decided on Tuesday.

Update from February 7th, 9.40 a.m .: The curfew should be relaxed, with stable hospital numbers, according to Söder, further rule simplifications are possible (see first report). “The federal government must present a phased plan. After two years with Corona, we all wish for hope: we can open a door in the omicron wall and maybe go the way from the pandemic to the endemic,” wrote the CSU leader on Twitter on Sunday.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister had already called for loosening in a conversation with the picture last week. Among other things, Söder advocated 2G in restaurants (instead of 2G Plus) or a higher audience capacity at cultural events. But how feasible does the Bavarian Ministry of Health think such proposals are? “ The development of a step-by-step plan is certainly the right way to be able to react quickly and appropriately. For us it is clear: the restrictions for the citizens should only last as long as absolutely necessary. The state government is therefore always checking whether the infection situation allows further easing”. A ministry spokesman said this on Thursday when asked by Söder’s press conference this Monday (12.30 p.m.) could show whether further easing is imminent.

Corona numbers in Bavaria are increasing rapidly – but Söder mentions possible easing: PK eagerly awaited today

First report from February 7th, 8.45 a.m .: Munich – On Monday the CSU* board will meet from ten a.m. via video link. The subsequent press conference (12.30 p.m.) with Markus Söder and Secretary General Markus Blume is eagerly awaited. Because: Bavaria’s Prime Minister could indicate possible relaxation of the Corona rules.

Corona: Curfew in Bavaria should be relaxed – “Further cautious steps” possible

One thing is clear: the curfew should be relaxed. According to information from the Munich Merkur , the state government is preparing a decision to open the catering trade until 11 p.m. or even midnight in the future. On Tuesday (February 8), the CSU and Free Voters want to pave the way for this. The new regulation could then come into force later this week.

It is still unclear what other rule changes could come. Söder may already be hinting at more this Monday. There are probably “further cautious steps” in loosening possible, it is said in the environment of CSU boss Söder. At the weekend he inquired about the clinic data again in all regions. Tenor: The infections are still extremely high, but there is hardly any impact on the clinics. Occasionally the numbers on the normal wards are increasing, but there is no increase in intensive care patients.

With stable hospital numbers: Söder calls for opening steps in culture, sport and trade

Söder himself called for a “wise policy with caution and hope” on Twitter. We should take further steps to open up culture, sport and trade if the hospital numbers remain stable. The consistent use of FFP2 masks allows contact restrictions to be lifted.”

Lauterbach promises loosening of the corona virus – and warns

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD*) also spoke of easing: “I think we will relax well before Easter. I’m firmly convinced of that,” he said . At the same time, he warned against hasty action: “We are at the peak of the wave. Now to loosen up to the maximum number of cases, that means: I’m pouring oil on the fire.”

Corona numbers are increasing in Bavaria – hotspot Fürstenfeldbruck

Meanwhile, the corona numbers continue to rise rapidly: the Robert Koch Institute (RKI*) reported an incidence* of 1786.0 for all of Bavaria on Monday (previous day: 1756.0). The district of Fürstenfeldbruck remains Germany’s largest corona hotspot with an incidence of 4083.8. These are the other hotspots in Bavaria:

  • City of Ingolstadt: 2547.6
  • District of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen: 2414.8
  • District of Dachau: 2413.0
  • City of Munich: 2392.6
  • City of Würzburg: 2338.6

(kam) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

List of rubrics: © Tobias Hase/dpa

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