NewsMega power failure in Dresden: was it an attack?...

Mega power failure in Dresden: was it an attack? 300,000 households without electricity

The cell phone network collapsed, traffic lights failed and trams stopped. A power failure in Dresden caused chaos. The police are investigating.

Dresden – After the large-scale power outage in Dresden on Monday, the police are continuing to investigate the exact cause. 300,000 households and industrial customers in Dresden and the surrounding area were temporarily affected by the blackout. The emergency power generators started up in the Dresden clinics and in the town hall. Otherwise, the power failure caused a lot of chaos. The disturbance was noticeable even in cities like Radebeul, Radeberg and Freital.

Massive blackout in Dresden – large-scale deployment of fire and rescue workers

People got stuck in elevators. Numerous emergency calls were received by the Dresden fire brigade and the ambulance service. The fire brigade deployed 24 times to rescue people from elevators. Automatic fire alarm systems caused four false alarms. The Georg-Arnold-Bad was flooded by sewage because a lifting system did not work due to the power failure. Rescuers also went out several times to see patients whose home ventilators only worked for a limited time as a result of the power failure.

SachsenEnergie announced that the electricity in Dresden stopped at exactly 1:53 p.m. And further: “The reason for this was a failure of the 110-kilovolt system due to a malfunction in the Dresden Süd transformer station.”

Power outage in Dresden: was it an attack?

Reste eines metallbeschichteten Ballons wurden sichergestellt.


Remnants of a metal-coated balloon were recovered.

When searching for the cause of the malfunction, the police found charred remains of a balloon. It is still unclear whether the metal-coated balloon, which presumably caused the power failure, was controlled in a targeted manner or accidentally reached the neuralgic point of the Dresden Süd feed-in substation, said a police spokesman on Tuesday morning. (ml with material from dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Spectacular Dresden jewel theft: Security guards simply let the perpetrators flee

The trial of the jewel theft from the Green Vault continued on Tuesday. According to witnesses, security guards should not have stopped the perpetrators.

Corona demo in Dresden: right-wing extremists attack journalists

Opponents of the Corona measures are demonstrating in Dresden. Two journalists are attacked.

Dresden: Students stand protectively in front of the clinic – and are surrounded

Hundreds of opponents of vaccination meet in Dresden for a “walk” via Telegram. Medical students gather to counter-protest – some are reported.

Massive power failure chaos in Dresden: cause now known – attack cannot be ruled...

The cell phone network collapsed, traffic lights failed and trams stopped. A power failure in Dresden caused chaos. The police are investigating.

Power failure in Dresden, probably due to an accident with a balloon

Hundreds of thousands of people in and around Dresden were without electricity on Monday. The police suspect an accident - with a commercially available balloon with a metal layer.