NewsMeteorite hits next to sleeping woman

Meteorite hits next to sleeping woman

A meteorite terrors a woman in Canada while she was sleeping. When she wakes up, she sees a hole in the ceiling and a stone on her pillow.

Golden / Kassel – A woman from Canada suffered a shock when she was recently awakened by a loud bang during the night. When she looked around, she saw a hole in the roof and found a stone the size of a fist on her pillow.

On October 4th, residents of the Canadian town of Golden in the Rocky Mountains were able to watch a ball of fire in the night sky. Ruth Hamilton, a long-time resident of the Canadian community of around 3,700, was sound asleep at the time.

Woman torn from sleep in Canada: a mysterious stone lies on her pillow

Suddenly she heard a loud bang and felt debris on her face, Hamilton reported to the American newspaper Victoria News. She jumped up and turned on the light, but couldn’t find out what had happened. All she could see was a stone lying on her pillow, where her head normally lies, the Victoria News reports.

The Canadian then alerted the police. But the officials called in could not make any sense of the origin of the stone either. At first it was assumed that the stone came from a nearby construction site that had been blasted.

Meteorite narrowly missed woman in Canada: “Relief when we realized that it could only have fallen from the sky”

“We called the Canyon Project and asked if there was any blasting there. But there weren’t any. However, the employees saw a bright light in the sky, which exploded shortly afterwards, ”Hamilton told Victoria News. Apparently it was a meteorite.

At first, the Canadian thought that her house had been broken into and the bang had come from a gun. “It’s almost a relief when we realized it could only have fallen from the sky,” said Hamilton.

Meteorite in Canada just misses a woman: Grandchildren think history is great

Hamilton’s grandchildren are enthusiastic about the story and think the celestial body is great. “I am totally amazed at the thought that a star has fallen from the sky. It’s probably billions of years old, ”the grandmother told Victoria News.

The Canadian is well aware that the meteorite could have cost her life: “The only thing I can think of is that life is precious and could be over at any moment. Even when you are securely in your bed. “(Helena Gries)

Only recently, a meteor apparently lit up the night sky over the Rhine-Main area and other parts of Germany *. There have also been more than 200 sightings of the fireball internationally.

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