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Metro: Chaos on Line 7 due to the removal of a metallic object on the tracks

The Collective Transport Service (STC), Metro, reported that the service on Line 7 of the is offering service from the Barranca del Muerto station to Tacubaya due to the work to remove a metallic object that was embedded in the track area.

The director of the STC, Guillermo Calderón explained that it was necessary to stop the service at the stations from San Joaquín to Constituyentes, "the rest of the line continues to operate."

The Metro detailed through Twitter that provisional service is being coordinated from the Rosario terminal to Tacuba and from the Barranca del Muerto terminal to Tacubaya. San Joaquín, Polanco, Auditorium and Constituents are out of service.

Users of this public service transport express through social networks that despite the support service being implemented, it is slow and insufficient.

Soon more information…

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