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Mexico is one of the largest smartphone markets

After the MWC, the figures of the countries that consume the most smartphones become relevant, since it is an X-ray of how the world market is moving and answers several questions about the participation of some brands in the national market.

According to Newzoo estimates, Mexico is among the largest smartphone markets in the world, due to the number of users who have this type of device. Although it is not the leader, the fact that the country is within this ranking gives rise to more brands reaching the national territory.

The report indicates that China is the country with the largest market, since 912 million units were sold in 2020 alone. The next country in the ranking is India, with 439 million smartphones, followed by the United States where 270 million smartphones were sold.

The next countries in the ranking are Indonesia with 160 million units, Brazil with 109 million devices, Russia with 100 million smartphones, Japan with 76 million and Mexico with 70 million smartphones marketed.

This places the country as the eighth largest market in the world, information that coincides with the strategy that various technology brands have, by placing special interest in the Mexican market, and by trying to reach it with mid-range equipment.

“After annual smartphone sales tripled between 2009 and 2015, the market began to stabilize at around 1.5 billion units per year. However, the growth of the smartphone market is still possible in emerging African economies with large populations, such as Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo, Tanzania and Nigeria, or in Latin America with markets such as Mexico and Brazil ”, Statista stated.

A report by the consulting firm The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU) indicates that at the end of 2020, a total of 115.8 million smart mobile devices or smartphones were counted in Mexico, which represents an adoption of 91.6% over the total of 126 million of lines that are operating in Mexico.

This opens the opportunity for brands such as realme, vivo, OnePlus or Oppo to justify their arrival in Mexican territory, betting on bringing mid-range equipment to the country.

“The geopolitical battles in the technological field that Huawei has faced, although they have already had an effect on the supply of its new devices. It is foreseeable that once two years of this prohibition are completed next May and the replacement of devices in Mexico takes place, precisely every 24 months, its impacts could be observed with greater magnitude due to the migration of users to devices from other manufacturers “, he says. The CIU.

Although the market share in Mexico is dominated by Samsung, Motorola and Huawei, according to Statcounter, the arrival of new players will make the ground that Huawei has been losing little by little and that LG will lose to be taken advantage of by new companies.

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