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Michael Wendler and Laura Müller leave Florida – singer reveals new place of residence

The Florida chapter seems to be over for Michael Wendler and Laura Müller. The singer revealed his move plans on Telegram. Is he coming back to Germany?

Florida / Dinslaken – A few days ago it surprisingly became known that Michael Wendler wanted to sell his luxury villa in Cape Coral (Florida) *. Apparently, the singer has already found a buyer, because on Telegram the Wendler has now for the first time specifically revealed: He and Laura Müller will finally leave Florida. RUHR24 * knows the details.

Pop singer Michael Wendler
Born June 22, 1972 (age 49), Dinslaken
Spouse Laura Müller (married. 2020), Claudia Norberg (married. 2009–2020)
children Adeline Norberg

Michael Wendler sells house in Cape Coral (Florida) – is he coming back to Germany now?

In 2016 Michael Wendler * surprisingly emigrated from Dinslaken in the Ruhr area to the USA with all the kids. In Cape Coral, Florida, the pop singer wanted to live the American dream under palm trees. Five turbulent years later, the dream of a sunny life in Florida seems to have been over for the first time.

After Michael Wendler had already sold one of his houses in Cape Coral at the beginning of the year, his luxury home was now also for sale in the same place. Michael Wendler’s condominium will soon be auctioned in Dinslaken *.

Critics suspected money worries behind the sudden sale of the Wendler villa. Because: Since Michael Wendler came out as a conspiracy ideologist, his career has been on hold. On Telegram, the Wendler has now for the first time commented on the sale of his house – and revealed surprising relocation plans. The Wendlers will soon be saying: Bye Bye sunny Florida.

Michael Wendler reveals plans to move with Laura on Telegram – they leave Florida

In a voice message on Telegram, Michael Wendler announced that his luxury villa with pool and its own jetty has now found a new owner: “I sold my house after only a week, it was quick,” the singer confirmed and promptly dropped a bomb. Because: The Wendlers apparently do not want to settle elsewhere in Florida, but rather move away.

“This is going to be very, very exciting, because we are now starting another area of our lives: Laura, the tiger and me. We thought about it for a long time, where should we go? “, Wendler made it exciting. Will the Wendler family and their dog Tiger come back to Germany?

Michael Wendler/Laura Müller


Laura Müller and Michael Wendler have been married since June 2020.

No – but the Wendlers still have to fumble their winter jackets out of the closet: “So we’ll be packing our bags soon and most likely we’ll be moving to Kansas.” (Read more news about NRW celebrities * here).

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller want to move from Florida to Kansas – for this strange reason

This news comes as a surprise: Kansas is a state in the American Midwest, which is mainly characterized by a lot of prairie and agriculture. You will look in vain for big city life, villas and other prominent stars such as in Florida.

The climate also differs significantly from subtropical Florida: Although the summer months are also hot and dry, in winter it can get bitterly cold in Kansas. Regular blizzards are not uncommon in the Midwest during the winter months.

The state is also known for its extremely conservative political orientation. For example, Kansas is one of the US states where the death penalty is still possible.

Telegram: Michael Wendler announces move with Laura Müller to Kansas – Florida chapter is over

For Wendler, however, the planned move to Kansas has a completely different background: “This is also a state in the USA in which there is no compulsory vaccination and no mask requirement, just like in Florida.”

In addition, the singer has already traveled to his soon-to-be new adopted home and was completely enthusiastic: “Kansas is super interesting and I really liked the area and yeah, you definitely see something from the USA”, says Michael Wendler on Telegram.

The singer did not want to reveal what exactly the Wendlers in Kansas have planned, but “it will definitely be a very exciting time.” On Telegram, however, he would personally take his fans on the trip, he promised. He has to, because this time Michael Wendler will be accompanied by the Vox program “Goodybe Germany” when he moves – as in 2016 – is quite unlikely. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network

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