NewsMinibus hit by train in Italy - boy dead

Minibus hit by train in Italy – boy dead

Tragic accident near Parma: A minibus drives straight on in a curve and is hit by a train. A boy does not survive the impact.

Parma – In northern Italy, a minibus went off the road, hit the railroad tracks and was hit by a train.

In the accident near the city of Parma, one of the four bus occupants, a boy, was killed, as the fire department announced. At first it was unclear how seriously the other three people – another boy, a man and a woman – were injured.

According to media reports, the minibus is said to have transported people with disabilities. In a curve under a motorway bridge, the car drove straight ahead and crashed straight onto the tracks. At that moment, according to initial investigations, the train came and hit the minibus. dpa

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