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Mobility is everything in a city scheme

Mobility, energy and technology must be the basis for the creation of sustainable cities in the face of the environmental crisis and the overpopulation of large cities, as well as the guideline that drives emerging ones, agreed the panelists of the Sustainable Cities and Communities forum which took place on the third day of the .

Achieving change requires “rebuilding trust in the community through the construction of open dialogue between all sectors,” said Laura Ballesteros, secretary of Sustainable Urban Development for the Mayor’s Office of Monterrey.

The idea, supported by Mariana Serrano, director of operations for Uber in Latin America, states that the implementation of new mobility models is not possible if the private and public sectors and society are not integrated, not even if each group acts for change. separately.

“Each of these initiatives, by itself, is not going to lead us to the future we want to create (…) we need data, measurement, transparency, technology, infrastructure” and the participation of all, Serrano commented.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Whaley, head of energy management and commercial officer of Enel México, considered that the creation of the infrastructure for sustainable cities should be done with the community in mind, thus access to public transport – which, according to his words, should be electric or fewer emissions – it will be comfortable and easy.

Inequality is a major contaminant

Serrano added that, although there has been work and development in terms of mobility, a large part of the population continues to live far from their jobs, in Mexico City, he said, a person can take up to two hours to get to work. .

“We need to create cities made for people, not cars. (…) Inequality is a major contaminant. In a perfect world you have the workplace and the people who work there live around it, regardless of their purchasing power,” he said.

The director of operations added that for every car that is removed from the street, mobility needs are replaced, with more people walking, cycling, scooters, and “for everything else, shared cars. That a car is produced to serve hundreds, not one and preferably – of course – electric cars”.

Finally, Whaley commented that a tool that will help connect the dialogue and the projects towards a sustainable city is technology, implemented to connect people, provide energy and establish infrastructures.

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