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More Covid deaths than last year – what's going on in the USA?

The corona pandemic in the USA: There are currently 2,600 deaths caused by Covid-19 every day. How could it possibly come this far?

Washington – The number of Covid deaths in the United States * has reached record levels in recent days. A total of over 900,000 people have already died in the country as a result of a corona infection *. The average deaths per day rose to 2,600, more than in spring 2021, when vaccines were not yet available, The Washington Post reports.

How this fits in with the allegedly “milder” course of infection with the omicron variant* of the virus is easy to explain: there are so many more infections active that the numbers have been inflated by the sheer mass of cases. Deaths are highest among the unvaccinated and those over 75, the Washington Post said. The number of hospitalizations of patients with Covid disease reached new highs in January 2022.

Corona USA – Deaths mainly among the unvaccinated: “Ready to die from the disease”

Infectious disease expert Robert Citronberg told the Post that almost all of the recent deaths have been in the unvaccinated population. There is a large group of patients who are politically motivated. They would be “ready to die from this disease because they don’t want to be prescribed anything. It’s basically insane,” Citronberg said. Anyone who does not want a vaccination and believes that they are sufficiently protected by surviving an infection is wrong. Even if antibodies have been formed as a result of an infection, this is not synonymous with immunity against the virus*.

A significant proportion of the victims are among people with weakened immune systems. Reasons for the immune deficiency are, for example, chemotherapy or organ transplants. Their bodies would have trouble building immunity to the virus even after being vaccinated. Among the vaccinated adults, on the other hand, the numbers had hardly changed.

So it’s a risk that unvaccinated people take. On the one hand, they risk their own death – even if they are healthy and the probability is small. On the other hand, they also put the lives of others at risk. After all, nobody can tell from the people they meet in everyday life whether their immune system is working properly. As we now know, it is often impossible to reconstruct the chain of infection in reality. Out of sight, out of mind?

USA: In the corona pandemic, the butterfly effect comes into play

It’s a “butterfly effect,” Andrew Myers, head of the Covid ward at Tampa General Hospital in Florida, told The Washington Post. You can’t understand the effect of your own actions, but they exist. People with a weakened immune system become infected much more quickly with the corona virus. Standing together for a shorter period of time, the person sitting next to you coughing too much, that can make all the difference.

It is a predicament for people with weakened immune systems. They have no choice. If you don’t have the opportunity to get the extra protection of an effective vaccination, life becomes very difficult. Either you go into permanent isolation from society, or you risk your life with banal actions such as shopping in the supermarket. (na) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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