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More than Huawei, the market you are looking for alive is Samsung

Several companies of Chinese origin have arrived in the country for years, from the well-known Huawei, to companies of the BBK group, such as OnePlus and Realme, have found fertile ground in Mexico to operate.

“We are arriving with a different strategy and we bring a record of leadership in markets such as China and India, where we offer low, medium and high-end cell phones (…) we believe that Mexico is a good watershed in the Latin American market and our perspective is to have 10% of the market by December of this year, “Diego Altúzar, country manager for Mexico and Latin America at vivo, told Expansión, and who for some time was the sales director of Samsung Electronics Mexico.

Unlike the newcomers OnePlus and realme, which arrived with a launch where they unveiled more than one team, vivo’s intention is to warm up engines a month in advance and approach retailers and carriers before landing completely in the country. .

“We want them to first get to know the brand, the number of offices that we have open, of laboratories and that the partners we are looking for have all this clear, because the idea is to arrive through the channels best known to people and where they usually buy” , said Altúzar.

In the first quarter of 2021, global smartphone shipments reached 347 million units, up 27% from 2020. Samsung ranked first, shipping 76.5 million to take a 22% share. Apple shipped 52.4 million iPhones, to take a 15% stake.

The next place was occupied by Xiaomi, with a growth of 62%, and a shipment of 49 million units. To close the top five, Oppo and vivo were the preferred brands, in the first case it managed to ship 37.6 million units, while vivo sold 36 million units. This according to the analysis firm Canalys.

For its part, Huawei fell to seventh place, as it sold only 18.6 million units. This market map attests to how the market has changed in the last couple of years, as it shows how Xiaomi has become the second threat to Samsung in the world market, but that the case of Mexico still shares its sales with other popular players. , like Motorola or LG.

In the case of vivo, the market search is in the variety of ranges that Samsung handles and in the offer of equipment that has competitive prices.

“There is very good competition in the Mexican market and that is why part of the marketing strategy that we will use will be attached to events that are popular with our users. In a first stage we came from the hand of UEFA, but with the passing Over the months, we will be incorporating other alliances, “said the director of vivo in the country.

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