NewsMunich incidence again below 50: but concerns about Bayern...

Munich incidence again below 50: but concerns about Bayern hotspots remain – vaccination prioritization falls today

Munich again reports a corona incidence below 50. The vaccine prioritization in general practitioners’ practices is being lifted today. All the news in the Bayern ticker.

  • As of today, the vaccine * prioritization in general practitioners’ practices will be lifted.
  • But there is still not enough vaccine * against Corona *.
  • Meanwhile, there is still good news from Munich.
  • This news ticker is updated regularly.

Munich – The corona situation in Bavaria continues to relax. In the Free State, the seven-day incidence * is 68.8 (previous day: 74.1). Good news also continues to come from Munich. In the state capital, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI *), the value is 47.6 and thus again below the 50 limit value. On Wednesday the incidence was 47.3.

The city of Schweinfurt remains the Bavarian problem child. With an incidence of 211.5, it is in second place in Germany, followed by the cities of Memmingen (204.1) and Coburg (177.7) in third and seventh place.

Corona in Bavaria: GPs are now allowed to vaccinate regardless of the vaccination sequence

Many people in Bavaria have longed for this day: Even if they do not belong to a preferred group, they can now be vaccinated against Corona. Because family doctors and specialists are allowed to vaccinate against the virus from this Thursday, regardless of the vaccination sequence. There is only one catch: there is not enough vaccine. The need for vaccine in the Free State is still well above the quantities supplied. That is why it will take a while until everyone who is interested has their turn.

Corona: Hardly any initial vaccinations in Bavarian vaccination centers until June 7th

In Bavarian vaccination centers, it is unlikely that initial vaccinations can take place until June 7th *. Because the existing doses are largely needed for the upcoming second vaccinations. “I am assuming that we will be able to continue with initial vaccinations in the vaccination centers from calendar week 23, which, by the way, will also be handed over to general practitioners,” Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU *) said on Wednesday in Munich.

With the approval of the prioritization by the doctors, the Free State is moving faster than some other federal states. Only the vaccines from Astrazeneca * and Johnson & Johnson * have been approved nationwide.

Corona protection in Bavaria: why hardly any first vaccinations?

Sharp criticism of the Bavarian corona vaccination strategy – “This is the Holetschek vaccination turbo”

With regard to the vaccination centers, Holetschek emphasized: “The fact that we are now concentrating on the second vaccination for a while is actually nothing surprising.” After all, there were a lot of first vaccinations in April, so the second vaccination is now due there. In addition, there was the switch from Astrazeneca to the mRNA vaccines for the second vaccinations for under 60-year-olds – i.e. Moderna or Biontech *. In the next three weeks, it is mainly the general practitioners and specialists who will give first vaccinations.

Eugen Brysch from the German Patient Protection Foundation criticized this approach: “This is the Holetschek vaccine turbo. Howl loudly while standing, but when it is time to go on the track, there is just enough fuel to roll onto the hard shoulder. “

“Keep your feet still”: Association of general practitioners with an appeal to those willing to be vaccinated

The Bavarian Association of General Practitioners advised those willing to vaccinate to exercise restraint. “I understand that many now want to be vaccinated quickly, especially in the run-up to the holiday season. But I appeal to people to keep their feet still now and not to phone the practices and overwhelm them with vaccination requests, ”said the chairman of the association, Markus Beier of the world (Thursday). There are not enough appointments and not enough vaccine yet, that is not expected to change until mid-June. Beier also warned that capacities would be blocked for people who do not come to the practices because of Corona. “We are seeing the first bottlenecks.” (Came) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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