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Mysterious case: young woman (26) found dead in a Nazi bunker

Assembly workers discovered the body of a young woman in an old Nazi bunker in the middle of the forest. The 26-year-old was missing.

Oranienburg – The old bunker is hidden in the middle of the forest near Oranienburg (Brandenburg). The Wehrmacht operated a communications center in the facility – the Karo-Ass radio station. Radio station ace of diamonds. The bunker is walled up, fenced in and in a very dilapidated condition, can be read on websites about so-called Lost Places.

A woman’s body was discovered in this old Nazi bunker late Monday evening (July 19) around 10 p.m. Assembly workers who wanted to see the bunker system alerted the police.

Corpse found in bunker – homicide commission determined

The dead is a 26-year-old from Oranienburg, who has been missing from the police since Saturday (July 17), the police said. “The homicide commission has taken over the investigation into the suspicion of a homicide,” said the police. The Neuruppin public prosecutor’s office also intervened. An autopsy on Wednesday should provide further information. It is still unclear whether the woman died in the bunker.

As the Märkische Allgemeine reported online, the young woman has been missing since Thursday. At the weekend the rescue dog team was searched for the missing person. But the location of the cell phone was also unsuccessful. The 26-year-old is said to have been seen last on Bernauer Strasse. (ml)

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