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Natura and Avon reconfigure to attract consumers after the pandemic

Avon and Natura changed with the pandemic. Cosmetics and skin care companies have turned around to respond to the changes in consumption habits left by the confinement, and now there seems to be no going back.

In the last two years, the portfolios of both brands have been reconfigured to respond to the new behaviors of consumers, who have not only stopped wearing lipstick to focus on eye makeup, but also started looking for more kitchen accessories or products for the home, two categories that became more relevant after the arrival of the home office.

“We understood that people use less lipstick, but they began to have other needs. Being at home, they were very interested in having products for the home, so we reinforced a certain commercial proposal with everything that has to do with this category and that of kitchen products as well”, says Magdalena Ferreira Lamas, general manager of Avon for markets from the North of Latin America.

To this have been added the company’s efforts to give its sales force the technological tools to move from house-to-house sales to having a digital contact, through its mobile application, which connects sellers with buyers, and also to use other tools such as WhatsApp or platforms for video calls, in order to maintain contact with customers.

The Avon ON digital platform also has a part that allows users to try makeup and even hair colors, which has also brought buyers closer to the new generations. Now, 50% of the company’s transactions in Mexico go through one of its digital channels, while online sales register double-digit growth.

Natura bets on skin care

María José Arrechea, director of marketing at Natura, says that with people concerned about their well-being, the categories of products for the face and skin care were the ones that have had the greatest boost, in addition to soaps and other care products. personal care used during bathing, moisturizing creams for face and body, oils and sunscreens. And while these products grew, other categories like lipsticks and nail polish lost a bit of steam.

Added to the demand was the growth of refiling products, including creams and makeup bases, while there is a plan that these products represent 50% of the company’s portfolio by 2024.

“We saw how there was growth in products that can be used for a spa at home, in types of rituals that ‘disconnect’, rituals for well-being,” he says. “We had a priority in Natura to focus production on the category of personal care and skin care because we wanted our network and all our consultants to have these products. We add antibacterial gel and launch some soaps ”, adds the directive.

recover the color

The cosmetics and skin care industry was one of those that suffered the most from the pandemic, which in 2021 reached a value of 9.7 billion dollars in the country, according to data from the consulting firm Statista. But the challenges for lipsticks and mascaras don’t end.

With the rise in prices due to inflation, which in March stood at 7.45%, according to Inegi data, Mexicans are expected to reduce their spending on beauty products by 39%, according to data from the analysis Purposes of consumption for 2022, carried out by the consulting firm Psyma.

Working in the industry’s favor is growing beauty awareness among male shoppers, and a concern for skin and hair care among individuals. To this, according to Statista, will be added the return to the offices of those who wear makeup, with a boost in products in smaller and more easily accessible containers, which will allow manufacturers to reach the consumer base with less power. purchasing.

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