NewsNazi equipment worth three million euros discovered

Nazi equipment worth three million euros discovered

The Brazilian police make a surprising find during a house search. They are relics from the Nazi era.

Rio de Janeiro – The Brazilian police probably did not expect this to be found. On Wednesday (October 6th, 2021) the police officers in the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro announced that they had found a collection of Nazi equipment during a house search. The house of a man suspected of raping a minor was searched, reports the Reuters news agency.

Specifically, the Rio de Janeiro police discovered more than 1,000 objects in the 58-year-old man’s apartment. These included Nazi uniforms, magazines, paintings, insignia, pictures of Adolf Hitler, as well as flags and medals from the time of the Third Reich. In addition, the man also stored weapons and ammunition from the Second World War.

Brazil: Police in Rio de Janeiro make a million dollar find

“He’s an intelligent and eloquent man, but he denies the Holocaust, is homophobic, pedophile and says he hunts homosexuals,” Luis Armond, the lead investigator on the case, told Reuters. “I’m not a doctor, but he seems to me to be an insane psychopath,” the man from Brazil * told the news agency.

The owner of the Nazi relics has now been charged with illegal possession of weapons and racial discrimination. Armond said the suspect came from a wealthy family of investors and likely used his inheritance to build the collection. Armond estimated that a high-level Nazi uniform would cost around 250,000 euros. “This is something that is completely unusual and shocking,” he said. Now the police in Rio de Janeiro are investigating the suspect’s connections to right-wing radical groups. (Marvin Ziegele) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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