SportNBANBA LIVESTREAM program on DAZN: Where can I watch...

NBA LIVESTREAM program on DAZN: Where can I watch live NBA games?

The 2020-21 NBA season is in full swing! DAZN will be there again this season and will provide you with top class basketball. Here follows the preliminary livestream program!

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It wasn’t until mid-October 2020 that the Los Angeles Lakers crowned themselves champions in the NBA Finals in six games against the Miami Heat – and a good two months later it went on! The new season started shortly before Christmas, in July 2021 the new champion should be determined – who will grab the title this time?

As in the previous season, DAZN will also be showing NBA games in a live stream in 2020/21. The sports streaming service offers up to 182 games from the regular season, selected playoff games as well as the complete conference finals and NBA finals live and on demand – and even with German commentary.

Here you will find all broadcasts during the NBA season, the rest of the livestream calendar for 2021 will follow shortly.

Livestream NBA: Games on DAZN


date Time game Commentators transmission
3rd of April 1 O ‘clock Raptors vs. Warriors Freddy Harder DAZN
4. April 1 O ‘clock Wizards vs. Mavs Lukas Schönmüller DAZN
4. April 8 p.m. Bulls vs. Nets Martin Gräfe / Etienne Effenberg DAZN
4. April 9.30 p.m. Clippers vs. Lakers Freddy Harder / Dre Voigt DAZN
April 5th 1 O ‘clock Celtics vs. Hornets Sebastian Ulrich DAZN
April 6 1 O ‘clock Mavs vs. Jazz Martin Graefe DAZN
7th of April 1:30 Celtics vs. Sixers Christoph Stadtler DAZN
April 8th 1:30 Nets vs. Pelicans Martin Graefe DAZN
9th April 1:30 Heat vs. Lakers Christoph Stadtler / Alex Vogel DAZN
9th April 4 o’clock Clippers vs. Suns Flo Pertsch DAZN
10th of April 2 O ‘clock Pelicans vs. Sixers Lukas Schönmüller / Etienne Effenberg DAZN
11 April 2.30 a.m. Nets vs. Lakers Freddy Harder / Alex Vogel DAZN
11 April 21 clock Nuggets vs. Celtics Lukas Schönmüller / Alex Vogel DAZN
13. April 4 Uhr Warriors vs. Nuggets Flo Pertsch DAZN
April 14th 1:30 Pacers vs. Clippers Lukas Schönmüller DAZN
April 15th 1 O ‘clock Sixers vs. Nets Alex Schlueter / Alex Vogel DAZN
April 16 4 o’clock Lakers vs. Celtics Sebastian Ullrich / Jan Jagla DAZN
April 16 21 clock Jazz vs. Pacers Martin Grafe / Dre Voigt DAZN
17th April 10.30 p.m. Lakers vs. Jazz Alex Schlueter / Dre Voigt DAZN
April 18 2.30 a.m. Celtics vs. Warriors Lukas Schönmüller / Jan Jagla DAZN
April 18 19 o’clock Knicks vs. Pelicans Stefan Koch / Dre Voigt DAZN
April 18 9.30 p.m. Heat vs. Nets Freddy Harder / Alex Vogel DAZN
20th of April 4 o’clock Lakers vs. Jazz DAZN
April 21 1:30 Pelicans vs. Nets DAZN
22. April 4 Uhr Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets DAZN
23. April 1 Uhr Bucks vs. Sixers DAZN
April 23 3.30 a.m. Mavs vs. Lakers DAZN
24. April 1.30 Uhr Nets vs. Celtics DAZN
April 24th 19 o’clock Knicks vs. Raptors DAZN
24. April 21.30 Uhr Bucks vs. Sixers DAZN
April 25th 2.30 a.m. Mavs vs. Lakers DAZN
25. April 19 Uhr Hornets vs. Celtics DAZN
April 25th 9.30 p.m. Nets vs. Suns DAZN
April 27 2 O ‘clock Pelicans vs. Clippers DAZN
28. April 1 Uhr Hornets vs. Bucks DAZN
April 29th 4 o’clock Suns vs. Clippers DAZN


date Time game Commentators transmission
1st of May 2 O ‘clock Nets vs. Trail Blazers DAZN
2.May 1:30 Rockets vs. Warriors DAZN
May 2 4 p.m. Clippers vs. Nuggets DAZN
May 2 9.30 pm Bucks vs. Nets DAZN
May 3 1:30 Celtics vs. Trail Blazers DAZN
4. Mai 4 Uhr Lakers vs. Nuggets DAZN
5. Mai 1.30 o’clock Bucks vs. Nets DAZN
May 6th 2 O ‘clock Hawks vs. Suns DAZN
May 7 1.30 o’clock Mavs Vs. Nets DAZN
May 7 4 p.m. Clippers vs. Lakers DAZN
May 8 4 p.m. Jazz vs. Nuggets DAZN
May 9 1 O ‘clock Pacers vs. Wizards DAZN
May 9 4 p.m. Nuggets Vs. Nets DAZN
9. Mai 19 Uhr Celtics vs. Heat DAZN
May 9 9.30 pm Clippers vs. Knicks DAZN
May 11th 2.30 a.m. Spurs vs. Bucks DAZN
May 12 4.30 p.m. Lakers vs. Knicks DAZN
May 13th 3 o’clock Jazz vs. Trail Blazers DAZN
May 14th 4 o’clock Suns vs. Trail Blazers DAZN
May 15 3 o’clock Mavs vs. Raptors DAZN
15. Mai TBD Spurs vs. Suns DAZN
15. Mai TBD Bucks vs. Heat DAZN
16. Mai TBD Pelicans vs. Lakers DAZN
16. Mai TBD Kings vs. Jazz DAZN

What is DAZN?

DAZN is a multisport streaming platform. In addition to the major US leagues NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, numerous international soccer games can be seen on DAZN , including from the Bundesliga, Champions League, Primera Division, Serie A and World Cup qualification. The highlights of all Bundesliga games can also be accessed just a few minutes after the final whistle.

After a free trial month, the streaming service costs 11.99 euros per month. The annual subscription is already available for 119.99 euros. Get your free trial month now!

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