Wimbledon: Medvedev fires Carlos Alcaraz and faces the public

Carlos Alcaraz said goodbye to Wimbledon in the second round after losing (4-6, 1-6, 2-6) to Daniil Medvedev, one of the big favorites.

Laporte: "We have a great team and it is very difficult to beat us" | Eurocup

Laporte was the player of the Spanish team in charge of appearing before the media in the previous one for Switzerland-Spain.

Luis Enrique: "I don't see any team better than Spain" | Eurocup

Luis Enrique attended the media in the press room to analyze the meeting that will measure Switzerland and Spain.

Luca Loutebanch: Big Brands Fight Over Swiss Fan Who Goes Viral | Eurocup

Luca Loutenbach has become a celebrity in Switzerland and several companies have contacted him to use him as a publicity claim.

Sancho: Dortmund confirm the signing of Sancho by Manchester United

Jadon Sancho will play for Manchester United. Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke.

Wimbledon: Carlos Alcaraz makes his big debut in the tournament

Carlos Alcaraz made his big debut at Wimbledon with a five-set victory over Japan's Uchiyama, after more than four hours of play.

Morata: "I know the reason for the whistles and it is not difficult to find out, I will speak when the Eurocup ends"

Álvaro Morata spoke about the criticism he has received in recent days in an interview on 'Cuatro'.

The bets see Spain as second favorite and in the final against England | Eurocup

The bets place the Spanish team and England as great favorites to face in the grand final of the Eurocup.


RKI registered 6573 new infections – the incidence was 110.1

While the seven-day incidence was 74.4 a week ago, it has now reached 110. The health authorities reported 6573 new infections to the Robert Koch Institute.

BGH negotiates millions in compensation for Kohl widow

For years there has been a dispute over a book about Helmut Kohl by his ex-memoir writer. The Federal Court of Justice now wants to clarify crucial questions about compensation and prohibited passages.

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Prince Philippos of Greece & Nina Flohr: Royal dream wedding in Athens

Prince Philippos and Nina Flohr tied the knot in Athens Cathedral. The proud bride beamed at her father's side on the way to the altar.

Kofler buys von Dümmel company: This is how it continues with “Den of the Lions”

Georg Kofler from "Die Höhle der Löwen" bought the company of his colleague Ralf Dümmel. But what about the show on VOX now?