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Hamilton responds to Alonso in networks after the comment about his titles

There are wounds that never finish healing, no matter how many years pass. The 2007 season is a good example. It has been 15 years since that distant campaign, in which Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton engaged in a bitter battle for the title.

It was the Spaniard’s first year at McLaren, recently crowned two-time world champion, and he found himself on the other side of the box with a very young Hamilton who was playing his first season at the Great Circus.

With the best car on the grid, both drivers were favorites to win the championship, but a set of bad decisions, mechanical and human errors and various misfortunes, neither of the two parties ended up taking the cat to the water.

The thing ended badly between Hamilton and Alonso , who at the end of the course decided to return to a Renault already in decline. Since then, it seemed that the relationship between both drivers was for the better, but in this Mexican Grand Prix it has been shown that the wound is still latent.

It all started with some statements published by De Telegraaf , in which the Spaniard seemed to say that the titles won by Max Verstappen during 2021 and 2022 were much more valuable than others on the grid , specifically those of Lewis Hamilton, having fought against drivers from other teams and not just against his teammate.

“Verstappen’s titles are more valuable than Hamilton’s,” appeared in the Dutch medium. “I respect Lewis [Hamilton], but it is different when you win world championships when you have only fought with your teammate.

“I think such a championship has less value than others when you are fighting against drivers from different teams, with a better car in some cases,” the Dutch publication could read.

But Alonso did not take long to launch a message on his social networks qualifying his words . “And again… Please, all titles are amazing, well deserved and inspiring. Incomparable to each other, and let’s enjoy champions and legends of our current time. Tired of the continuous search for headlines.”

Then, after the debate generated in networks, Alonso said that he wanted to “try to help and make social networks a better place.”

“We all need to collaborate on that,” he continued. “We have to stop playing fans against each other.”

“We are all in the same. Great champions, great athletes, and we try to enjoy this beautiful moment.”

However, those nuances were not enough to calm the spirits of the seven-time world champion, and once Saturday’s qualifying session was over, he wanted to add fuel to the fire.


The one from Mercedes uploaded a photo of the podium at Indianapolis 2007 to his Twitter account. In this photograph you can see Hamilton in first place, leaning his hand on a visibly disappointed Alonso, in second position. English accompanied the image of a thumbs up emoticon.

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