NewsNena questions corona rules at a concert in Mallorca:...

Nena questions corona rules at a concert in Mallorca: "Do you think that's all right?"

Nena is making headlines more and more often with her opinion about the corona rules. Now she makes fun of the rules there at her concert in Mallorca.

Nena machte sie sich bei ihrem Konzert auf Mallorca über die Corona-Regelungen dort lustig. Das Bild entstand beim Picknickdecken Konzert in Erfurt 2020.


Nena, she made fun of the Corona regulations there at her concert in Mallorca. The picture was taken at the picnic blanket concert in Erfurt 2020.

Palma – At another concert, singer Nena raised the mood against the corona rules *. On Saturday evening (08/28/2021), she performed in a golf club on Mallorca and made fun of the Corona * rules that existed there, as her fans had to sit on blankets in demarcated areas with distance rules.

As the Bild-Zeitung reports, the viewers were not allowed to dance to the music of Nena while standing. But that’s exactly what the singer shouldn’t have cared for, according to the picture. She even animated her fans and mingled herself with the crowd.

Nena at the concert in Mallorca on Corona rules: “Do you think it’s all right?”

At the beginning of the concert, the singer was still cautious. Nena said it was “strange circumstances”. “One may like it, the other may not. It doesn’t matter at all. But we want to have a really great evening with you today! “

Nena later made it clear that she doesn’t believe in the Corona rules. “Do you think that’s all right? It doesn’t matter either, it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about whether we enjoy this and somehow make the best of it. “

Nena encourages her fans to disregard the corona rules

But that wasn’t the high point. Before the song “Miracles Happen”, she said that she could get a little closer if all the fans stayed where they are. Then, according to the Bild newspaper, she should have walked through the seated fans, hugged them and even encouraged them to get up.

However, Nena had agreed in advance with the organizer Roland Michael that she could leave the stage. He said of the picture: “That Nena went into the audience in the crowd had been agreed with me beforehand. It was all cool. […] There were no incidents, Nena was having fun on stage, Nena followed all the rules and it was a great atmosphere. “

After all: Most of the fans were not animated by Nena and stayed on their blankets. (Carolin Eberth)

It is not the first time that Nena has caused a stir with her statements about Corona. A few days after an escalated demonstration in Kassel, she wrote in an Instagram story: “Thank you Kassel” *.
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