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Never give up: Where does Checo Pérez's phrase come from?

Dictionaries define surrender as “submitting, failing to bear fruit or yield.” And for a driver of the highest automotive category with an uncertain future, without clarity about where he could find a new opportunity and the latent possibility of returning home, giving up is, at least, one of the options he considers.

And just in a reality like that, it was that, the Mexican driver with the most races in the history of F1, stepped on the accelerator again and, in 2020, not only did he get his first victory in the competition (after 10 years of forming part of the serial), but he won a position in , he maintained his level and today he is fighting for second place in the Drivers’ World Championship.

Never Give Up, the phrase of Checo Pérez

“Never Give Up!” It is Pérez’s flagship phrase , a line that has accompanied him even before sitting in a Formula 1 racing car, but which took on more relevance than ever at the end of 2020, the year of confirmation of his move to the Austrian team.

Pérez has known how to endure the dark moments of a career as difficult as motorsport, and make the most of the opportunities to stand out. Always in congruence with the phrase that identifies it.

“It’s the same as when you have a bad lap, you know that the next one is a new opportunity to do better as long as you don’t give up. It is the phrase of my life, never give up and less in dreams, because you can make them happen, ”said the midfielder in 2021.

The best moment of his career

Sergio Pérez is undoubtedly at the peak of his racing career. With four races remaining in the year, the Mexican remains in the fight for second place in the , a list in which he has never been part of the top 3.

He has a contract until 2024, he is a teammate of the man who is destined to dominate the competition for several more years and continues to deliver results, making Red Bull’s return to the Constructors’ World Championship much more possible.

Thinking of him, Pérez’s team could focus on helping a possible victory for the man from Guadalajara, thinking about the points and the tremendous history that it would mean for the local public.

Other viral phrases that Sergio Pérez has given in his interactions with the media are “Today more than ever, we must support what is done at home.”

A line that is perfectly in tune with the current context, both for the moment in which he himself lives and for the opportunity that McLaren is giving to the Mexican IndyCar driver, who will test the British team’s single-seater in .

“50 years passed to put our flag back on top”, is another of the statements that are reminded of him. It was born just on that weekend of 2020 in which, during the closing of the calendar, in Sakhir, he achieved his first victory in F1 and managed to extend his stay on the most important grid in the world.

Close to closing his best year, with the Mexican Grand Prix close and considered in the final list for the National Sports Award, Checo Pérez must keep in mind that, more than ever, .

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