NewsNew corona rules in Germany: These relaxations now apply

New corona rules in Germany: These relaxations now apply

In Germany, further easing will apply from March 4th, including for gastronomy, discos and events. All new rules at a glance:

Germany – The federal and state governments met in mid-February to decide on the next steps in the fight against the corona pandemic. Since the number of infections was slowly falling and the omicron infections were classified as mild, the politicians decided to follow a three-stage plan*. By March 20th, almost all measures will be relaxed or completely abolished. Shortly after the Corona summit, there were first relaxations, such as the abolition of the 2G rule in retail. Since Friday (March 4th) there have been further relaxations of the corona virus in Germany.

New easing in Germany: These corona rules now apply

The unvaccinated people in particular benefit from the first new regulation. Because they can now go out to eat or stay overnight again. From March 4th, 3G will be mandatory for restaurants and hotels. According to the Corona rule, vaccinated, recovered and unvaccinated guests have free access to the facilities again. But: If you don’t have a corona vaccination, you still need a negative antigen test.

The measures for major events are a little stricter. The 2G or 2G plus rule applies here, depending on which event is taking place. Operators must also ensure that a maximum of 25,000 visitors come to outdoor events and that the occupancy rate does not exceed 75 percent. For events in closed rooms, only 6,000 people or 60 percent of the capacities may be utilized.

A further loosening of the corona will be particularly pleasing to the party-goers: Discos and clubs are allowed to open again! However, the strict 2G-plus regulation applies here. According to the current Corona rules, only those who have recovered or who have been vaccinated who can show an additional negative corona test* are allowed to celebrate together again. Meanwhile, the unvaccinated must remain outside.

From March 4th: The new corona loosening in Germany at a glance

  • Gastronomy and hotels : 3G is the Corona rule here.
  • Clubs and discos : 2G-plus – admission only for vaccinated and recovered people plus additional, negative corona proof.
  • Events : 2G or 2G-plus – for outdoor events a maximum of 70 percent capacity utilization, for indoor events a maximum of 60 percent capacity utilization.

Corona rules in Germany: From the end of March (almost) all corona measures in Germany will be lifted

And what about the Corona rules in Germany? From March 20th, almost all corona measures will be lifted nationwide. Only basic protective measures such as distance and hygiene rules remain in place. The face mask must also continue to be worn indoors, on buses and trains for the time being. It is still unclear when the mask requirement* will fall in Germany.

From the end of March, the home office requirement in the federal state will also be over. It is also possible that in individual cases corona tests still have to be presented. In addition, many federal states have their own corona rules, which is why the measures can differ from country to country. For example, these are the current corona rules in Bavaria.

Changes to the corona rules in Germany possible – next corona summit on March 17th

Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the prime ministers want to meet again on March 17 at the next Corona summit, so possible changes to the three-stage plan cannot be ruled out. The Chancellor makes it clear that he does not believe in terms such as “Freedom Day” with regard to the opening steps. They would not be appropriate to the seriousness of the situation. (jol) * and are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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