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New heat wave of 50 degrees is rolling towards the USA: Meteorologists warn 30 million people

After record temperatures last week, another heat wave is expected in the US this weekend. The western United States is particularly hard hit

Los Angeles – An enormous heat wave is rolling towards the western US states this weekend. The National Weather Service issued a warning to over 30 million people.

Large parts of California and Nevada, where the highest warning level applies, should be particularly difficult. Extreme heat is also expected in Utah, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Sacramento. The thermometers can climb to over 50 degrees Celsius here.

Heat wave in the USA: Over 30 million people affected

The heat wave poses a major health risk for the population. Elderly and sick people in particular are at risk, but healthy people are also at risk at these temperatures. The heat wave is attributed on the one hand to increased atmospheric pressure and on the other hand to climate change.

Hitzewelle Nevada


In Las Vegas, people walk past smoke machines that are used to cool off along the Las Vegas Strip.

Heat wave in the USA: Up to 50 degrees Celsius expected

Ryan Adamson, a meteorologist with the weather services company AccuWeather, identifies another cause: “When the ground is damp, the sun must first penetrate the moisture that evaporates from the ground and only then can it heat the air, but when the ground is dry, as it is is often the case in the west, the sun can penetrate directly into the ground and heat it up, ”he told USA Today.

Just last week, the northwest of the US and western Canada were affected by temperatures of almost 50 degrees. In the Canadian community of Lytton, 49.6 degrees were measured. The Canadian heat record had previously been 45 degrees. An inferno of flames in the following days almost completely destroyed the village.

Heat wave in the USA: climate change as a cause

Ryan Adamson says heat waves are difficult to predict. “Some years are hotter, other years are cooler. The overall trend is a gradual increase in temperature. But there are natural fluctuations in relation to the climate. “

In many US communities, therefore, there is a consideration of how to deal with warming in the future. Governor Kate Brown told CBS on Sunday that the government was working with health and community agencies to provide air conditioning to the most severely affected. In addition, there are plans to open so-called “cooling centers” in the future. (Joshua Schößler with dpa)

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