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Nokia consolidates its leadership in fixed networks and is ready for the Gigabit era

Thanks to a new generation of solutions for fixed and transport networks, Nokia has consolidated its leadership in the Mexican and global market, which includes fixed and cable operators, said Raúl Romero, Nokia’s director for the North Region of Latin America.

“We are living the beginning of the Gigabit era, in which fixed networks are going to go from speeds that are measured in Megas, to speeds that are measured in Gigabit, which are 1,000 times faster,” explained the manager.

He added that Nokia’s new solutions combine the high performance of IP and Optical networks with a variety of access technologies that improve availability and quality, managing the high demand for bandwidth in the residential and corporate market. With this, it is possible to increase the capacity of the network while reducing operating costs (OPEX).

“I am pleased to report that the broad portfolio for the Gigabit era is now available in Mexico, highlighting the following solutions,” commented the manager.

Solutions at the edge of the network – Nokia Edge Routing

They provide the scale, performance and service capacity that fixed operators require to continue meeting growing data traffic needs and to take advantage of new monetization opportunities in Cloud, 5G and IoT services. Highlighting the Service Router Operation System (SR OS) and its open integration and multi-provider capabilities.

Next-generation optical transport solutions – NG PON

Fiber optic solutions that allow future networks and applications to evolve, capable of reaching surprising speeds of up to 25 Gbps symmetrically, that is, data upload and download.

Nokia ONT Easy Start solutions

This portfolio of products accelerates and simplifies the end point of interconnection to the end user in the home or office. Currently, these processes are complex and require several steps. With Nokia ONT Easy Start these processes are automated, reducing operator management, operating cost (OPEX) and improving the end user experience.

Nokia WiFi solutions

They are based on the new next generation Nokia Beacons access points that have WiFi Mesh (or mesh) technology that allows better coverage of the WiFi signal within the home, eliminating and auto-calibrating interference, as well as avoiding unused areas , managing WiFi resources intelligently and autonomously. Additionally, they have automated problem detection and resolution technology.

From the point of view of the fixed or cable operator, Nokia Beacons represent a great advantage since they reduce the number of calls or requests from end users to solve problems derived from the service, thus achieving an excellent quality and experience for all Your clients.

It is worth mentioning that calls due to poor WiFi performance represent between 30% and 50% of the total calls to the call centers of a fixed operator. Reducing them translates into a lower operating cost, better service and experience for the end user.

Nokia Beacons offer the fixed or cable operator greater visibility of what is happening inside the home, through their own management system that shows a real-time map of what is happening in the clients’ home or office, making it easier to solve problems in a smarter and more efficient way.

Nokia at the brain of the network with IMS

Nokia’s IP Multimedia Subsytem is the next generation brain in fixed, cable or mobile networks, being completely indistinct from network access technology. It allows operators to consolidate their infrastructure for greater control and convergence of the same, reducing management and OPEX, in addition to benefiting users with better multimedia services such as HD voice, FHD TV, fixed telephony packages, mobile and Internet broadband at ultra high speeds.

Nokia is the leader in the Mexican market with IMS platforms in the main operators in the country, strengthening its clients with the knowledge and experience of its global presence.

Nokia’s Leadership in Fixed and Transport Networks

The executive commented that with Nokia’s broad portfolio of solutions, fixed and cable operators in Mexico will be ready for the Gigabit era.

“In fixed networks, the distance that separates us from the competition continues to grow, with our new solutions we consolidate ourselves as the # 1 strategic partner for fixed and cable operators in Mexico, leading the digital transformation of our clients and empowering users end in the Mexican market in the adoption and improvement of new and attractive services ”, concluded the manager.

For more information on Nokia solutions for fixed and transport networks visit: and

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