TikTok becomes the platform we spend the most time on

TikTok becomes the platform on which we spend the most time, exceeding the average of more than 26 hours per month.

Nokia consolidates its leadership in fixed networks and is ready for the Gigabit era

"In fixed networks, the distance that separates us from the competition continues to grow," said the director of Nokia for the North Region of Latin America, Raúl Romero.

The best apps to download for the holidays

Write down these applications so that you can organize your summer vacations, but also so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Facing the Pandemic: Accenture

Global professional technology solutions and services company Accenture outlined how using the cloud has become an imperative for businesses.

Learn about new features in various apps and other tech news of the week

The likes of Facebook and Instagram, the spaces of Twitter, the audios of WhatsApp and the arrival of Didi Food in Colombia are part of the most important announcements.

Didi Food arrives in Colombia and opens registries for restaurants and homes

Locals and delivery partners in Medellín are the first authorized to register on the platform.

Google will make Android apps inform users about data collection

Android app developers have until the second quarter of 2022 to declare what data they collect and share.

The Haus, the business of Rodrigo Sánchez Ríos that shone in the pandemic

For the entrepreneur, the key is to have a good team and listen to the consumer. These two elements led him to create a proptech that, in one year, achieved the growth of a decade.


ZDF crime thriller "Friesland": cannabis and weird guys

A marine biologist is murdered in East Friesland, and soon the whole small town is upside down. A new episode of the cheerful crime series with charming actors.

Jan Böhmermann on "Moria 2": The EU is imprisoning innocents on Samos

Jan Böhmermann takes on the human contempt of the EU in the refugee camp Moria 2 in his ZDF magazine Royale. Is that still satire? The TV review.

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Volcanic eruption on La Palma: NASA publishes spectacular satellite images

The volcanic eruption on La Palma is a great danger. NASA images from space illustrate the extent of the force of nature.

Student Oscars for graduates of German film academies

Two young directors from German film schools will receive Oscar honors. Gold and silver student Oscars go to short feature films, both of which tell a dramatic story.