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Don't bother you! Automate and separate work and personal messages on WhatsApp with this mode

Just as you wouldn’t plan a romantic date at the office or chat with your boss at an amusement park, separating your work messages from your personal ones on WhatsApp is a good practice to avoid and have more privacy. For this, you can use Whatsapp Business .

Don’t be fooled by the name; you do not necessarily need to be a company or have a business to use Whatsapp Business. Anyone can download and use this free app, available for Android and iOS, and it will allow you to more efficiently manage contact with people and manage your messages.

What can you do with WhatsApp Business?

Although this is an app designed for business, you can also take full advantage of the tools it offers for work issues.

The first thing you have to do is in the Google or Apple store. It is important that you consider that it will be a completely different app from the one you already have and that you will appear as a “company account” to your contacts.

Once you download it, you can do the following:

Add information to your profile

Would you like to put a profile picture that you don’t want your boss to see? Do you have a nickname among your friends and family that you don’t want others to know? this will no longer be a problem, because you can have all this in your personal profile and in Whatsapp Business project the work image that you want.

For example, you can put your LinkedIn photo or the image that represents your work. If you are a musician, an image playing your instrument, if you are a doctor, one with your gown, just to mention a few and, in “company name”, add the one you would like people to know.

In “Company Description” you can add what you do. For example, if you are a teacher, the company where you work, if you have a podcast, or something you want people to know about you.

In “Business Hours” you can put the hours in which you would like people to write to you. For example, if you only want to receive work messages from 9:00 to 5:00. This does not mean that you will not receive messages outside of these hours; it is simply a way of warning for those who want to contact you.

Additionally, you can add your email, social networks and your website so that people can find you more easily.

Send automated messages, quick replies or away messages

Do you know that it takes a long time to answer the messages and that can be a problem? It will no longer be if you send an ” automatic message “. You can send it to all your contacts or to whomever you choose and you can write whatever you want. For example: “I’m busy right now, but I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, if you are on vacation or at an important event where you don’t want to be interrupted, you can send an “ away message ”. Once you activate it, it will be sent automatically to all the contacts that write to you and you can put whatever you want. For example: “Excuse me! I’m on vacation and I’ll be back in a week. I’ll get in touch with you when I get back.”

And if you are tired of always writing the same message… you can reuse them frequently! With “quick replies” you can create keyboard shortcuts and instead of retyping the whole message, with a couple of letters you can retype it all. For example, if you are a psychologist or a doctor, you can have a quick response that says, “Hi! I’m just sending you this message to confirm our appointment today.”

Other tricks you can use

Something you can also do is activate the “ temporary messages ” and this will delete your messages after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. This is very useful to free up your phone storage and in case you don’t want a specific chat to be deleted, you can turn off temporary messages directly from the conversation.

On the other hand, you can also assign labels to your contacts which you can access directly from “ labels ”. For example, you can assign labels for “doctor appointments”, “work”, “school”, and thus have your conversations in a more orderly way.

Here we leave you one.

Last recommendation: use a dual sim

This is a great tool that can help you improve communication with school or work. However, if you want to completely separate your WhatsApp Business from your personal WhatsApp, I recommend having two different numbers on the same phone.

This is possible if your phone allows one. Some allow it physically while others do it virtually. Investigate if your phone allows you to have a double sim and, in case you can have two numbers, I suggest you keep a personal, exclusive one that you only share with your loved ones and on Whatsapp Business leave the number that everyone knows.

These are some of the many models that allow Dual Sim:

  • iPhone 11, 12, 13 and 14
  • Samsung Galaxy Models
  • Some Xiaomi models
  • Honor 70

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