NewsNorth Korea re-launches two ballistic missiles

North Korea re-launches two ballistic missiles

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles early on Sunday, according to Japanese officials, the seventh launch from Pyongyang since September 25, alarming both Washington and Tokyo.

Both missiles reached a height of 100 kilometers and had a range of 350 kilometers, Japan’s Defense Minister Toshiro Ino told reporters. The first was fired at 4:47 p.m. GMT (11:47 a.m. Mexico City time) and the second about six minutes later.

The two fell outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone and authorities were investigating what class they were, including the possibility that they were launched from submarines, he said.

North Korea, which has nuclear weapons, had tested a ballistic missile on Tuesday that went further than ever before, flying over Japan for the first time in five years, prompting an alert for residents to take cover.

Ino said Tokyo would not tolerate North Korea’s repeated actions.

North Korea, which has carried out missile and nuclear tests in defiance of UN sanctions, said on Saturday that its missile tests were to defend against direct military threats from the United States and had not harmed the countries’ security. and neighboring regions.

“Our missile tests are a normal and planned self-defense measure to protect the security of our country and regional peace from direct military threats from the United States,” state media KCNA said, citing a spokesman for the air administration.

The United States and South Korea held joint sea drills on Friday, a day after Seoul used warplanes in reaction to an apparent North Korean bombing drill.

The United States also announced new sanctions on Friday in response to North Korea’s latest missile launches.

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