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Not just soft drinks: 10 products that are from Coca-Cola and you didn't know

When Coca-Cola is named, most people refer to soft drinks, however, the company has extended its business strategy with various beverages, all of them focused on the different lifestyles of consumers.

Recently, the company reported on the updated price increase, a fact that they attribute to inflation. A general increase is observed in all its products, from the presentation of 250 milliliters of traditional Coca-Cola, which will rise 8%; to the three-liter returnable family size whose price increased 2%.

What products and brands does Coca-Cola sell?

Below we present the other products offered by this company, in addition to the well-known cola drink.

1.- Mineralized Sky. It is a brand of mineralized and carbonated water that entered the Mexican market in 2001. This product is commonly used as a base for other beverages such as orangeades and lemonades.

2.- Ciel Squeeze . They are flavored waters such as jamaica and lemon. Bottled products such as Aquarius and Aquarius Cero are also found in this category.

3.- Delaware Punch. It is a fruit-flavored soft drink, with the grape being the most prominent. The presentation in which it is sold is 600 milliliters.

4.- Powerade. It is mainly aimed at athletes since it provides minerals that are lost when sweating.

5.- Ciel, bottled water . In this category is also Bonaqua, purified water without gas.

6.- ADES . It was founded in Argentina, and is the leading brand of soy-based beverages in Latin America. Its name derives from the Spanish acronym “Alimentos de Semillas”. The brand includes a range of beverages with mixtures of seeds (soy, coconut, almonds, etc.) with fruit juices.

7.- Juices and Nectars of the Valley. Mexican brand with more than 70 years in the country, and is currently marketed in other regions such as Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and other Central American nations. “Del Prado” is another of the products in this category.

Dairy products

8.- Yes, Santa Clara Milks also belong to Coca-Cola Femsa. “We use 100% pure cow’s milk and we have a steam-based ultra-pasteurization process, unique in the market,” he details about this product.

The flavors of these milks are: Chocolate Mint, Triple Chocolate, Vanilla, whole milk and Light.

9. Monster. It is an energy drink, which is specially designed for those who carry out tasks that require long hours of physical activity.

10.- Fuze Tea. It is the first global tea brand of The Coca-Cola Company.

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