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Novavax before the start of vaccination: Who should get the vaccine at all?

The new corona vaccine from Novavax should be available for vaccination in Germany at the end of February. But who gets the protein-based vaccine first?

It has been approved since December and is to be vaccinated in Germany at the end of February: the corona vaccine Nuvaxovid from the US manufacturer Novavax*. The first delivery of 1.75 million doses should be available from February 21, as Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach said in Berlin, referring to company information. Exact dates for another 3.25 million doses that have been purchased have not yet been determined. He hopes for delivery in February, as reported by *.

Many hopes rest on the new Corona vaccine from Novavax, because it could get the stagnant vaccination campaign in Germany going again. Above all, the experts expect that people who have been skeptical about the mRNA vaccines that have been available so far will be vaccinated. But who gets to be pricked first? Will there be a certain order for the new Novavax vaccine?

Novavax shortly before vaccination start in Germany: who will get the vaccine first?

The Novavax agent was recently approved as the fifth corona vaccine in the EU. Two doses are injected about three weeks apart. It is a protein vaccine – so it is based on a different technology than the previously available corona preparations.

The effectiveness for protection against symptomatic infections* was given by the EU medicines authority EMA at around 90 percent. However, experts pointed out that not as much is known about the new vaccine as about the other preparations that have been widely used for some time. And yet many people are waiting for this very vaccine. But can anyone who wants to?

Novavax about to start vaccination: unvaccinated employees of clinics and nursing homes have priority

Basically, Novavax’s new vaccine should be available to anyone who prefers this type of vaccine. The Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, confirmed this to the German Press Agency (dpa) in mid-January. Experts are hoping for at least progress in terms of vaccination rates.

However, the Health Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Clemens Hoch, does not assume that the new vaccine can close all remaining vaccination gaps.

Nevertheless, we are happy if some skeptics are now willing to get the vaccination with Novavax.

Health Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Clemens Hoch. (Source: Tagesschau)

Nevertheless, the experts warn against waiting for the Novavax vaccine. Because: Employees in nursing and medicine should probably first receive the vaccine as a priority.

By the deadline of March 15, when vaccinations become compulsory for employees of clinics, medical practices and nursing homes, the hospitals would try everything to convince their unvaccinated employees to be vaccinated. If this does not succeed, they would have to reckon with being released from work without continued payment of wages. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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