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Novavax hammer at the festival: New vaccine offers protection against Omikron – WHO recommendation for certain groups

In the EU, the Novavax vaccine, longed for by many hesitant citizens, can now also officially be administered. According to the manufacturer, it also works against the Omikron variant.

Munich – So now there are five vaccines against Covid-19 approved in the EU. For some hesitant, receiving the Novavax * vaccine may seem like an early Christmas present. Because the active ingredient is the first protein-based and is often referred to as a “dead vaccine” * because it contains killed pathogens that can no longer multiply.

According to a Forsa survey, 56 percent of the unvaccinated would be immunized with the preparation. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen * also expressed the hope that the vaccination quota could shoot to new heights thanks to the access: “May this approval be a strong incentive for all those who have not yet been vaccinated or have not yet received a booster vaccination, now to ensure.”

Novavax vaccine: Protection against Covid-19 should be 90 percent

But the question of the questions is of course: Does the product from the US company, which goes by the name Nuvaxovid, also work as well as the fabrics from Biontech *, Astrazeneca *, Moderna * and Johnson & Johnson *? Two early studies from the USA * and Mexico as well as from Great Britain * came to the conclusion that the protection against severe Covid-19 diseases should be around 90 percent. It was already known that the booster vaccination with the new preparation had its effect, albeit not as strongly as the mRNA vaccine.

Now, however, Novavax spread another good news. Accordingly, there is also protection against the on the advance Omikron * variant, which will soon whip the fifth corona wave through the country in Germany *. According to initial data from a study on protection for young people, an effective immune reaction was found, which is reinforced by the booster.

Hinter mehreren Dosen und einer Spritze ist der Schriftzug Omikron zu lesen


A silver lining on the not-too-distant horizon: With the preparation from Novavax, the first protein-based vaccine against Covid-19 can be administered in the EU.

Novavax vaccine: According to Lauterbach, four million doses to be expected in Germany

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach had stated that the federal government had ordered four million doses of the Novavax vaccine. The delivery will likely take place in January.

The Strategic Advisory Expert Group on Vaccinations (SAGE) of the World Health Organization (WHO) initially issued a recommendation of two doses for people aged 18 and over with an interval of three to four weeks. Immunocompromised people are also advised to have a third vaccination, which should be due one to three months after the second prick.

The active ingredient should be used in certain population groups, including people with comorbidities, breastfeeding women and people living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In the case of pregnant women, it should be considered whether the benefits outweigh the associated risks. Nothing stands in the way of the administration of Nuvaxovid and an inactivated seasonal flu vaccine. (mg) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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